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How to make your banquet chars perfect

Author: Brian Zhang
by Brian Zhang
Posted: Feb 25, 2017

While most couples are focused on their wedding attire, cake, and centerpieces, others are working diligently trying to find the perfect banquet chair covers. This is definitely not a pretty task, but it must be done and you will have to force yourself to complete it, in a timely manner. It is often overlooked until you walk into the reception hall and see to learn more and see how much it and all the others detract from the decorations. Covers are the quick and easy answer. Of course, there are steps that you will need to take, before you reach this notch in the road. Below you will discover a guide that will make finding the perfect banquet chair covers that will suit your needs and preferences to a tee, so simple and quick.

The first step of the process is to choose a venue. If you are having an outdoor wedding or banquet you will have to find the perfect location for your event. Most couples choose beach, seaside, or country themes, when they are having an outdoor banquet or wedding. This will allow them to envelop nature into their gala.

You will have innumerable indoor venues to select from for an event or banquet. When talking about a wedding, some couples prefer the traditional church wedding, others prefer to go more extravagant, by renting a cathedral or castle for their special day. People just doing a banquet have similar decisions to make. Irregardless, take care to note the condition of each banquet chair and if they will need chair covers. Do whatever it takes to achieve your dream banquet or wedding, so if you have to save extra money for a more luxurious event or banquet, just delay your plans, by a couple of months. Be sure to keep everyone posted on your plans, so that no one will feel left out.

Choosing the correct color scheme for your wedding or banquet requires a bit of knowledge on the color combinations and how well they work together. Most couples select 5 different colors, which mash together perfectly. This will allot them enough room to play around with the colors, without straying away from the color scheme. You will need to envelop these primary colors, into the entire décor, attire, tablecloths and this page. Take the time to choose carefully and stay within a specific color variant.

  • Underwater colors include navy, lichen, sea green, deep turquoise, and pale green
  • Wild berry colors include burgundy, dark blue plum, fuchsia, aborigine, and amethyst
  • Pebble beach colors include camel, sand, light grey, sage, and light denim

These are only a few examples that you can select from, but do not fail to do a bit of research, so that you will find other color schemes that may be more suitable for your needs.

There is no rule or law that is set into stone, when it comes to utilizing covers. If the chair is a rental, you may find that they are not in perfect condition and really need covers. The covers will partially or fully cover the chair, so you will have to decide, which type is more suitable for your needs. Be sure to take the time to visit the chair rental center, so that you can get a precise measurement and a good look at the chair. This will definitely help make this task a whole lot easier.

At first glance, brides and grooms will quickly make the mistake of believing that a banquet chair needs to be identical to all the others, but this isn’t the case. Each individual chair is unique in its own way. There are many characteristics that need to be considered, when attempting to choose the appropriate banquet seat covers. Every single aspect is crucial and needs to be studied carefully. Below, you will find some of these traits to look for on banquet seat covers.

  • Styles – Obviously, there is a wide assortment of different styles for chair covers. Depending on your banquet or wedding’s theme, it is vital to choose an appropriate style of covers.
  • Sizes – These chair covers could be treated, as women’s dresses. They’re very unique in terms of sizes. They can be modest and cover the entire chair, or they might only cover a portion of the banquet chair.
  • Colors – It is vital to ensure that your covers match your banquet or wedding’s overall color scheme. Rest assured knowing that these fabrics are available in a large array of different colors. It is even possible to purchase or rent customized covers for uncommon colors.
  • Materials – As with any type of drape, there is an assortment of different materials that could be used for covers. Each individual material has a wide range of benefits and some potential cons when used as covers. Make sure to consider each very carefully when deciding on covers.
  • Price – It is vital to remember that price will vary for covers. In fact, the characteristics mentioned above will help to determine the overall price for the covers.

Most couples choose to rent the banquet chairs, because it is more affordable and they do not want to be forced to store them after use. Of course, you can always borrow them from a family member or friend, but this option will most likely not be available to you.

Some will select a new paid banquet seat for their guest to sit in and in that case you will not need banquet slipcovers unless you just choose to use them. The new banquet seat will be in excellent condition, but consider how you will store or utilize it later on down the road. This is most likely not a feasible choice, so you may be better off to rent it from a banquet catering or rental company.

Most banquet catering businesses will provide the seating, if you request them to do so. This will save you a lot of money and grief, because they will be responsible for cleaning the banquet chair, before and after the reception.

Do a price comparison, before you actually make your final choice. This will give you an idea of how much money it will cost to buy them versus renting them. Remember every bit of money you save can be utilized for another project or your wedding décor.

If you can afford to purchase the banquet chair covers, you should, because some rental companies do not offer a large selection of covers to select from. If you are looking for a specific color, you may not find it at a rental company. Availability may also be an issue, especially if another wedding is scheduled on the same day, as yours. Overall, you will be better off to purchase the chair covers, since it will open up many doors of options to you.

Banquet chair covers will cost $1.50-2.00, which is very affordable for most couples. You will be able to select from a limitless selection including color, style, design, and fabric. You can utilize these later on down the road for birthday parties and wedding anniversaries. Loan them out to your family and friends, as well. It is obvious that you will get a lot of use from them, because the fabrics of chair covers are durable and easy to clean.

Many couples choose to sell their chair covers after their wedding or banquet day, because they do not have an appropriate storage place for them. You should check out auction websites, newspaper ads, and yard sales for these covers. You will be able to save a lot of money, by purchasing used covers, but you may not find a large selection to choose from. While a lot of banquets take place very few times are chair linens used. If you are willing to settle with what you find, then you will definitely profit from the purchase.

When attempting to choose the right banquet chair covers, it is essential to consider the various fabrics available. As mentioned above, each fabric has a list of benefits and potential negatives. By choosing the right fabric, you will be able to assure that your covers will last for an extended period of time especially as rough as a banquet can be on linens. This is pertinent, if you intend on passing the covers down from generation to generation. Still, some materials are much more expensive and might not fit your budget. Below, you will be able to discover the different materials and their traits.

If you’re looking to splurge and want to show off your style, you’ll want to consider purchasing covers, which are made out of cashmere. This material is more than capable of lasting for a long period of time. Therefore, it is suitable, if you’re looking for a family heirloom. Of course, your guests will be tremendously impressed, when they get a feel of the cashmere, which is commonly praised in modern media, television shows and even songs. This material will work wonderfully, if your wedding or banquet is going to be held outdoors. It is a little difficult to keep clean, so it is not a great choice for a banquet, but this shouldn’t be too much of a problem. These covers are definitely rare and may require a custom order.

Cotton covers are tremendously common and typically very inexpensive. While cotton covers might not make a tremendously impressive suit, it works excellently, as covers. These covers are very light and breathe well. Still, the biggest benefit is the fact that the material is cheap and you’ll be able to purchase a large number of covers for a small fee. However, this material does have a few flaws. For starters, it is capable of wrinkling very easily. The covers will need to be handled very carefully, in order to prevent wrinkles, or an iron will need to be used to remove them.

As one of the oldest materials in the world, chair covers are commonly available in linen. There are a number of benefits of this material. The fabric is typically extremely easy to keep clean and can actually be washed in a regular washing machine. The fabric is also very lightweight. This combination makes linen chair covers very popular among wedding and banquet rental companies. In the event of a spill, you shouldn’t have to worry too much, since the material can resist some moisture and you can always throw covers in the washer.

Throughout the years, silk has always been referred to as elegant and luxurious. The fabric is so unique and soft that it is very easily distinguishable. In fact, most individuals will be able to spot silk, when they see it and feel it. Of course, the softness of the material is nice, but it also decreases its durability. It requires very careful cleaning and handling. Not a great choice for a banquet. It is also somewhat a little more expensive than the other fabrics. Although you shouldn’t expect the covers to last forever, it offers a unique appearance, since some of the silk banquet chair covers can actually be transparent.

Satin is a very common material, which is frequently used for wedding chair covers. This material is normally capable of putting off a very glamorous vibe, which will be sure to impress all of your wedding and banquet guests. Of course, the most impressive aspect of the material may very well be the way it behaves, when it encounters light and shadow. However, it is vital to know that the fabric isn’t perfect. It tends to be somewhat difficult to keep clean and a little more expensive. These chair covers are readily available, whether you’re looking to rent or buy covers.

If you’re looking for a completely unique appearance, you will want to consider sheer. This material can be completely transparent, which will allow your guests to see right through the covers. This creates a very unique arrangement, which will be sure to capture your guest’s attention. This material is growing in popularity rapidly and is readily available, whether you’re trying to purchase or rent covers. However, it is vital to remember that the material isn’t entirely durable and won’t be suitable, as a heirloom item.

When selecting banquet chair covers, you will need to decide whether you like the tight or loose fit covers. The tight fit will cover the entire banquet chair perfectly, while the loose fit will hang over the banquet chair loosely. The tight fit is the standard for banquet chair covers, which is more often than not constructed out of spandex or polyester. These normally have slots for the banquet chair legs to fit perfectly in, so that the covers will not slide back up the banquet chair.

The loose fit is better known as oversized, since it will hang down to the floor, in a flowing manner. These chair covers are very popular, but they can be difficult to keep them on the banquet chair at all times. You will need to master the knot to perfection, so that the covers will not fall off, when the guests stands up.

Since the wedding or banquet is more special for the bride or groom or occasion, it is imperative to make sure that the majority of the attention remains on these individuals. Obviously, the bride should wear the most lavish and beautiful dress, which will ensure that the other guests are unable to take their eyes off of her. The same mentality should be used, when attempting to select the right banquet chair covers. The bride and groom’s chair covers should be a little more extravagant and special. Adding some emblems or flashy decorations can help to make them more attractive and eye-catching. At the same time, it is possible to add the bride and groom’s initials to the back of the covers. These letters can be embroidered in gold for more effect.

Although it is possible to completely go off of the rails and design something successful and beautiful, it is generally best to stick with the basics. There are some integral tips that should be incorporated to make sure that your chair covers blend in and match your wedding or banquet to perfection. Below, you will be able to find the tips that should be followed.

  • Make Them Fit – Although you might not want to completely cover the banquet chair, you should still make sure that they fit snuggly. Even if you have to tie them tightly around the banquet chair, you should do so, in order to prevent the chair covers from flowing into the walkway wildly and creating a slip hazard.
  • Handle with Caution and Precision – During the lead up to the banquet, it is imperative to handle your covers with precision. Remember that all materials are capable of wrinkling and those wrinkles will definitely diminish the appearance of the display. However, the regular fold marks, which are created, when the covers are stored, shouldn’t be that big of an issue.
  • Do Rehearse – In order to make sure everything is beautiful and just right, it is a good idea to rehearse, before the banquet. Make sure that everything meshes together and that the covers look excellently with the other surrounding décor.
  • Work with coordination – It is essential to make sure that the banquet chair covers work in conjunction with the other items in your banquet or wedding’s décor. They should certainly match the tablecloths and each should match your wedding’s overall design, theme and color scheme.
  • Do splurge – Chair covers for your banquet and wedding aren’t overly expensive and you shouldn’t be afraid to spend a little extra for your wedding day. With that said, you should definitely be sure to spend extra and get exactly what you want!
  • Don’t Mix and Match – When attempting to select your chair covers, it is essential to make sure that they match together. It might be fun to explore a wide array of different colors and designs, but it is best to decorate your banquet or wedding, with identical decorations. It is sometimes acceptable to make the bride and groom’s banquet chairs a little different and more spectacular, but you shouldn’t overdo it, with too many differentials.
  • Consider Hiring a Professional – Although a professional decorator might be expensive, the help they offer can be enormous. This individual will be able to ensure that everything is perfectly put together and that all minor details are accounted for. Therefore, they’re generally well worth the money! The also know the best type of covers for your event.
  • Consider Machine Washing – If you own the covers and they have been used before, you will definitely want to wash them! Of course, each individual material needs to be washed differently. Therefore, you will need to follow the appropriate procedure for the specific material your covers are made from, in order to prevent damage from occurring.
  • When Renting, Check in Advance – If you’re renting the covers, it is vital to check in on them in advance. Some rental agencies will purchase and use the same cloths repeatedly. This can cause them to become worn out and dirty. Be sure to look over the covers carefully to make sure that they’ll live up to your standards, before sealing the deal!
  • Follow the Recommended Procedure – Some items are more fun to select than others when decorating a wedding. Banquet chair covers are fun, but it is vital to make sure that you follow the right procedure and choose the basics first! In order to make sure that your covers are going to fit your wedding perfectly and beautifully, it is vital to choose the wedding theme and color scheme in advance. After that, you will want to work in conjunction to choose the chair covers and tablecloth.

Once you’ve gotten your seating and banquet chair covers selected, you’ll want to begin exploring possible ways to add elegance to the arrangement. Suffice to say, there are plenty of different accessories, which can be added to the chair covers, in order to add to the design. Many individuals will stick with something simple, such as a sash, while others will prefer to get extravagant, with an array of different items. It is possible to go as far as you want, so you shouldn’t be afraid to experiment. Below, you will be able to find some of the item that can be used to decorate your chairs.

If you’re interested in adding an elegant and luxurious look, without spending a lot of money, you’ll want to consider purchasing an assortment of ribbons. It is possible to do a lot of different things with ribbons. Just make sure that you select colors that work together well. Remember that ribbons can be left handing free from the back of the banquet chair. It is also possible to tie them around your chair cover. By adding a ribbon bow around the banquet chair, you can easily coordinate this decoration with that of your wedding guests. All of the female guests can wear similar colored ribbons in their hair for added effect!

Many couples want to be able to show off their lives, during their banquet or wedding. It is possible to do this very easily. In fact, you can incorporate pictures into your chair decorations and serve two purposes. By collecting pictures from all of your guests, it is possible to attach these pictures to the chairs, where each will be sitting. Not only will this make everyone feel special and important, but also it’ll be cute and very memorable. The pictures can easily be hung from the back of the banquet chair or the side of the banquet seats.

Those, who wish to add a modern twist to their banquet chair décor, will want to consider building a bunch of mini-vases. Finding some small bowls should be easy enough. Then, you’ll want to put together a nice floral display, which will be sure to impress and stun your guests. Be sure to add several varieties of colors and pull it all together with a nice bow. Remember that this type of decoration can easily be used alongside your banquet chair covers. The vases can easily be attached to the back or arm of the banquet chair.

Romance is a vital part of any relationship and is integral for the wedding and possibly your banquet. With this in mind, you will definitely want to consider adding a romantic display to your chair. There is no better way to do this than to use sheer. Drape the sheer material over the back of your chair and tie it in the middle. At the back, you can add a different color and ruffle is up quite a bit. The covers will be nice, elegant and very romantic! These are very easy covers to pull off and shouldn’t be very expensive.

Chair sashes will definitely add charm to the covers and are approriate for any eveny or banquet. They are available in a limitless selection including colors, materials, sizes, and patterns. This will make it very easy to find a sash that blends in with the rest of the wedding or banquet décor and color scheme in addition to your covers. You do not have to purchase individual sashes, since you can just use a roll of fabric and create your very own. This DIY route will save you some money, but will require more work output.

Most store bought sashes are constructed out of 100% satin or silk, which may not be suitable for your covers. If you select to make your own sashes, you can utilize any type of fabric, so that you can stay within the boundaries of the current theme and décor. Remember the width of the sash will determine how much of the chair will be covered up. While many couples choose a narrow sash, so the chair covers can shine through, others prefer the wider sash, because they can perfect it on the chair in more ways.

When it comes to tying the sash, you will have several knots to choose from. Each knot will signify a different meaning, while adding beauty and allure to the overall look of the chair. Take the time to master the infinity loop knot, before you actually wrap them onto the chair, because you want to make sure that you can achieve a very desirable look. Do not practice with the sash, instead choose a scarp or towel, this way your sashes will not become wrinkled and misshaped from the numerous failed attempts.

  • Wrap the sash around the chair one time, while making sure that one end is longer than the other
  • Make a knot at the bottom of the longer end, but leave a small loop hole
  • Take the short end and pull it through the small loop hole
  • Tighten, adjust, and fluff

This is a very simple knot that anyone can accomplish with a little practice. The infinity loop knot will signify that your marriage will last throughout eternity. Make sure that you fluff the sash fabric, so that it gives it a full and dignified appearance. This will really make the banquet or wedding "POP".

If you don’t want to use the covers over the entire chair, you might want to consider limiting it. Choosing sheer, ruffling it up and attaching it to the bottom of the chair can be a very successful way to decorate. These type of banquet seat covers are very romantic, cheap and effortless to accomplish! This particular type of design is often referred to as a skirt and resembles one very closely.

There is no better way to cover that sash knot than with a brooch. You do not have to stick with just one type of brooch shape. As a matter of fact, you can utilize several brooch fashion designs. These are very affordable and if you check out your local thrift shops and garage sales, you will be able to find them at a very cheap rate. Since the popularity of the brooch has declined over the years, many individuals will be looking to clean them out of their jewelry box. This will make it much easier for you to find them, without having to go to a department store.

Brooches are available in many different designs including animals, birds, leafs, hearts, and flowers, so you should not have any issues finding a brooch shape that will blend in perfectly with your wedding décor and banquet seat covers.

Once the wedding ceremony and reception is complete, be sure to give your guests the brooch that is on the back of their chair. These will make great wedding favors for all the female guests.

In order to make sure that your banquet or wedding is truly special, it is vital to decorate everything! Your tables, chairs and walkway should all be decorated in a beautiful and lavish manner. Putting a good amount of effort into the design of the banquet chair will pay off tremendously and is actually one of the most fun aspects of planning the big day! Consider a wide array of options, play around with different materials and do not stop, until you’re entirely satisfied with the final product.

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