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Answers to Popular Kommen Questions

Author: Mark Wahlbarg
by Mark Wahlbarg
Posted: Nov 15, 2016

This comment articles answers some common questions about Kommen. Send us an email at, if you want answers to any more questions.

What Is Kommen?

Our kommen mobile app, allows users schedule Uber rides up to 30 days in advance. It also allows its users schedule up to 5 rides in advance. Now, in 3 easy steps you can schedule your Uber Ride.

In just 3 easy steps you can Schedule Uber for later

  • Log in with your Uber Passenger Account to Kommen

You only need to log in once. You also only need to provide us permissions to request Uber rides on your behalf (once), and that is it.

  • Select your Pickup Date and Time

Let us know when you want your Uber, and we will request your Uber in enough time for you to make your trip on schedule.

  • Select your Pickup Address
  • Let us know where you want your Uber to get you, and we will send your Uber there.
  • Wait for your Uber
  • We will notify you when your Uber is arriving.

To download Kommen on Android and begin your uber booking experience, Go here

For more information on Kommen, take a look at our video here

For our website, and to get more information on Kommen, go here:

Answers to some of the popular questions on Kommen

How can you tell that the ride has been scheduled?

Every scheduled ride is listed on the "SCHEDULED UBERS" SCREEN (home screen).

How do you cancel scheduled rides?

By selecting the ride on the "Scheduled Uber" screen, clicking the drop down, and clicking the icon above "Cancel"

Is there a cost to booking/scheduling an Uber?


Is there a cost to canceling a scheduled ride?


Why isn’t Kommen available for download in my country?

We have not yet launched in some countries that is why you can’t download it yet. We are currently available for download in 33 countries, and we have plans to launch in more countries, in the near future though.

How do you handle surges?

We do not book rides during a surge, we wait till the surge is over before booking a ride, as long as it is before your scheduled time (or up till the extra time given to us to book a ride).

That is answers to some Kommen related questions. Download Kommen today for that extra peace of mind.

About the team

Founded in 2016 by Malik Akande, a former Accenture employee, the Kommen team is dedicated to providing complementary features to the Uber App, not available for Uber Riders and Drivers.

-by Kunle Bowale

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