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How to Clean and Care for Timber Floors

Author: Budget Floor Sanding
by Budget Floor Sanding
Posted: Nov 15, 2016
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After floor sanding your timber floors, it is important to maintain the wooden floor boards with some fairly simple and easy care.

The popularity of polished timber floors is not surprising considering their many positive attributes. Elegant and timeless in appearance, always fashionable and desired by home owners and renters alike, sanded timber floors are excellent for allergy sufferers and the polished timber floors feel softer underfoot than polished concrete and tiled floors.

A large proportion of sanded and polished wooden floors are now coated with water or solvent based polyurethane floor coatings. Both are hard wearing timber floor coatings. The environmentally friendly water based floor finishes are becoming more popular due to their lower toxicity and lower emissions. Tung oil and whittle waxes are also popular but are not as durable as the timber polyurethane coatings.

With all timber floors it is important to be careful when moving furniture back onto the floor once the floor sanding and polishing is completed. All parts of the furniture that come into contact with the floor need to have protective pads applied to prevent the timber floor from damage. Dining chairs need to be protected and check regularly as the pads can come off with constant use.

Regular cleaning of the sanded and polished floor with a soft broom, static mop or vacuum will remove dirt and other particles capable of scratching and damaging the polished timber floor. It is extremely important to check the head of the vacuum cleaner is set for hard floor cleaning and not the carpet setting. The floor brush should be in the down position. Also check that there are no sharp edges to scratch the floor.

Wipe up any liquid spills immediately as if left to soak in, liquids like coffee can stain the polished timber floor. Mop the timber floor with a damp but not saturated mop with warm water and a ph-neutral cleaning product recommended for cleaning timber floors. One cup of methylate spirts in a bucket of water is a safe option, but never use vinegar or bleach to clean sanded and polished floors as they are very acidic and will dull the timber floor finish.

Small heeled women’s high heel shoes cause some of the worst damage to timber floors and should be removed before walking on the wooden floor. Boots or shoes with a large tread capable of trapping stones also cause significant damage.

Polished timber floors are a beautiful natural feature of your home that with a little care will look sensational for years.

If you have any questions regarding floor sanding your timber floors, Budget Floor Sanding Brisbane can assist you with all your wooden floor enquiries.

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