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An In-Depth Overview of Brow Lift Surgery

Author: Sultan Hassan
by Sultan Hassan
Posted: Nov 16, 2016

Your brow or forehead could descend or loosen because of ageing, but this can easily be fixed by an experienced and skilled cosmetic surgeon via brow lift surgery. Also known as hairline advancement or forehead reduction, a brow lift is a surgical procedure that elevates the brow and the forehead and smooths out wrinkles and frown lines. The surgery can be a solution to correct heaviness in the eyebrow area, sagging eyelids, and wrinkles across your forehead. If necessary, the surgeon may conduct a forehead reduction with a brow lift, too. Here is a more detailed overview of brow lift surgery:

  • How it is done – In brow lift surgery, the cosmetic surgeon makes an incision in front of your hairline extending from the front of your ear on each side. This method should help hide the scarring after surgery. The incisions should meet at the top of your forehead at the front of the hairline. After that, the tissues of your scalp will be raised and stretched, and the hairline is lowered, and some of the skin will be removed. The amount of skin to be removed will vary from one patient to another, but it is typically about two centimetres small. If scalp advancement is required, a tissue expander will be used and placed under the hairline to stretch your scalp tissues to reach the forehead.
  • How long the procedure takes – Brow lift surgery should take around an hour under general anaesthetic when conducted by an experienced cosmetic surgeon. You may need to stay overnight at a hospital and wear a support dressing until the surgeon determines that it is okay to remove it.
  • Risks associated with the procedure – You can expect to see swelling and bruising after the surgery, and experience temporary numbness or headaches. You may feel discomfort and pain for three to seven days, but the surgeon should provide you with the right dosage of painkillers and antibiotics to help you manage the symptoms and avoid infections. It is important to have only a reputable cosmetic surgeon conduct the brow lift surgery on you to avoid complications like bad scarring, infection, bleeding, asymmetry, nerve damage, and permanent numbness.
  • Things you cannot do after surgery – You may need to take two to four weeks off of work to give yourself ample time to heal and without stressing yourself out. Consider putting off exercise, especially strenuous activities, for two to four weeks.
  • How long until the results show – It usually takes four weeks until you can completely heal and the scars will continue to improve over the course of 18 months.
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