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4 Animals That Could Be Living in Your Attic | Hamilton Wildlife

Author: Marci Coutts
by Marci Coutts
Posted: Nov 16, 2016
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One of the warm and safe space inside a home is an attic. Though, it is used by homeowners for placing less frequently used items, wild animals can well utilize this place in building their home. The coziness offered by an attic, compels the wildlife creatures to stay there. Most of the people, recognize their infestation after listening the unusual sounds coming from a ceiling. Predicting the animals that may be staying in an attic is a difficult task.

To help you out, here's the list of animals that commonly live in an attic:

1. Squirrels: They are one of the common creatures that invade attics. They make their way inside through trees that may be standing inside a home or by chewing the wooden windows. Once they enter inside, they can create havoc in the entire attic. Most often, the squirrel that invades a home is usually a mother, that is in search of a safe place for her babies. Since they aren’t heavy, creating thumping sounds is impossible for them.

2. Raccoons: Most common attic dwellers are raccoons. They are the naughtiest creatures that can attack humans. These agile climbers, can find the way inside through any means. Mostly female raccoons invade the indoors to give birth to her young ones. One can listen to their sounds during night or after sunset. They are heavy animals and cause thumping sounds while moving around. Since they can attack humans, its not easy to remove their habitat. Therefore, one will need to hire the services of professional wildlife removal company.

  1. Rats and Mice: Rodents are the year round commonly found pests. They are very small and can easily enter through small spaces. They not only live in attics but can equip an entire home. They are lightweight and doesn't cause any moving sounds. Moreover, the noise they make is pretty mild and cannot be heard easily. For rat removal, one can use humane traps.
  2. Bats: Bat are mammals that reside in dark places. Most often, they choose to stay in pipes or caves. If a cave isn’t available, an attic can do fine. Bats doesn't make noise and are quite animals. As they move out during night, your sleep will not be disturbed at all. Once they grow their colony, there can be swarm of hundreds of bats inside the attic. At that time they can be heard crawling, flying, and squeaking.

These are the few wildlife animals that are commonly found inside a home. Owing a pet is good, but allowing unwanted creatures to stay inside a home can risk health and safety of a family. Hamilton Wildlife is a professional wildlife company in Ontario that offers wide range of animal removal and control services to both commercial and residential properties.

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Hamilton Wildlife provide effective methods to manage wildlife without using any cruel techniques. We, at 'Hamilton Wildlife' provide in-depth assessment of your animal intrusion problem and believe in implementing sympathetic and effective measures.

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Author: Marci Coutts

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