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Why Quality Bath Towels Are Important in Hospitality Industry?

Author: Mitul Patel
by Mitul Patel
Posted: Nov 17, 2016
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In a dull economy, you may be tempted to choose cheaper alternatives to hospitality supplies thus compromising on your quality. While this decision can save you costs in the present situation, it will ruin your image in the long run.

Imagine losing out on precious customers just to save a few bucks! That's not going to do well for you either. When your guest enters your hotel, they are looking for quality and luxury, which you have quoted in your price. Every single thing in your hotel adds up to your image, and people notice it believe it or not

Many people believe that hotel towels are not that important in maintaining the image, and therefore tend to compromise on its quality. But the truth is hotel towels play a pivotal role in rooting your image, and causes a lot of disappointment among the guests if the quality is not up to par on what they are paying you

Most people use quality towels at home and would naturally expect something similar or better than that in a hotel and if those expectations are not met, then you will lose that customer forever.

Most hotels overlook the lackluster the towels carry due to the many washing cycles it has to go through. They don't follow the instructions offered by the supplier.

It is important for hotels to invest some time and cost while choosing their towels, so that the other supplies compliments the overall image they are aiming for of the hotel.

Tips to Choose Quality Towels

Choosing the right bath towel requires an in-depth analysis of the quality and an understanding of its construction. The first thing that you need to consider would be the weight of the towel. Do you know how much should a good quality towel weigh? The standard for quality towels and bathrobes is around 300-800 GSM (Grams per Square). The ideal weight that offers softness and meets the hotel standards is around 600 GSM; these towels are priced in an affordable range.

Did you know that a quality towel has a standard length too? This staple length is determined based on the group of fibers involved in weaving the towel – often referred to as "singles". Again the length differs for the different fibers and their composition. You need to find the standard length for the individual fiber before making the purchase.

What kind of image are you portraying and what type of guests come to your hotel? Answering these questions will help you decide the kind of hospitality supplies you need to invest in. If you are a high-end hotel, you should choose a towel that weighs more than 600 GSM. This is important as quality of the supplies is important in crafting the image to the visitors.

Apart from the bath towels, other supplies such as bathrobes, napkins etc. should also offer the same level of comfort. The idea is to enrich their experience with these luxury supplies, thus enhancing customer satisfaction.

In case you have a tight budget, you can always consider making a bulk purchase so that you can take advantage of discounts for the long run. Ramayan Supplies partners with manufactures including their own mill overseas to help you customize your hotel image. To get a quote on your requirements, connect with us

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Ramayan supply is the name that has gained the trust of its clients by redefining the paradigms of quality and services in the realm of hospitality products.

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