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Outdoor LED Display Screens during Extreme Environmental Conditions

Author: Robert Bint
by Robert Bint
Posted: Feb 07, 2020

Extreme weather conditions have great influence on the application effects of LED Display Screens, especially on outdoor screens. Moving beyond the conventional concepts of marketing and advertising, these screens are constantly attracting the attention of the prospective audience. LED screens can be seen all over the places because of its broad applications and superior resolution.

Protecting the outdoor screens has been an important issue to both the LED screen sellers and the users. The present content piece will provide you few ways to protect your Display Screens in extreme weather conditions.

1. Regular checking and maintaining

As every tool and equipment requires regular maintenance, outdoor LED display are no exception. Examining it on regular basis will help detect if there is requirement of any maintenance work and discover the problems and possible dangers. If the issues get solved in time, there will be less or no problem left for the future.

2. Waterproof

Most outdoor advertising LED displays are modularized design screens. If the protection work is not good, the screen will not be able to tolerate extreme weather. All the outdoor LED screens must be designed with IPX5 protection grade to operate normally in rain.

3. Wind and storm resistance

If the installation work of an outdoor display screens is not standardized, then some technical issue might occur after sometime. In order to look after the LED screens, connection locks, supporting part, and other components must be very well. Dust is another important factor that can damage screens in a shorter duration of time. Outdoor equipment must be designed with protection grade IP65 to protect equipment against dust. The engineers should pay strict attention to the safety work.

4. Managing heat dissipation ability of LED Screen

LED screen’s heat dissipation ability is an additional aspect that should be looked after. Outdoor LED display are mostly large sized with high power consumption needs. Therefore, more heat will be dissipated. The outdoor screen’s heat dissipation ability can be adjusted by fine-tuning its appearance and structure design, so that the displays can work stably and have better heat dissipation ability.

5. Use higher quality material

Since the outdoor LED screens are used in the open air, weathering and aging problems cannot be avoided. Therefore, use of better quality materials for the outdoor screens become must, as this will prove to provide better working status even under extreme weather conditions.

There are many options available in outdoor LED Display Screen in the market today. They are tremendously being used as an outdoor and indoor marketing weapon in multiple fields, so they must be able to work 24/7 and tolerate extremely rainy or sandy storm weather.
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