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Best Features of Custom & Railway DC DC Converters

Author: Lilly Allen
by Lilly Allen
Posted: Nov 22, 2016
railway converters

Those days are gone when there was no variety in the designs and forms of railway dc dc converters. Now, there are a number of manufacturers which offers a wide range of railway switch-mode power solution converters. Most of the modern converters include some applications such as traction, control systems, door control systems, signaling and communication systems, GPS tracking, video surveillance and security systems and passenger information systems.

Apart from dc dc, you can find ac-dc power supplies. All products of this type should be designed for long operational and severe environments. Let’s find out what features should be included in a railway converters.

Features expected from ideal railway dc dc converters:

  • Any input or output
  • Wide input voltage ranges
  • Single or multiple outputs
  • EMI/EMC filtering to the particular standard
  • Optimal thermal performance:
  • Wide operation temperature that is ranged from -40°C to +70°C
  • Wider ranges are also available
  • Conduction/convention cooling
  • Wide range of options including output fail alarms, redundancy, indicators, inhibit and other controls
  • High quality designs
  • High standards components
  • High efficiency
  • Full electronic protection
  • RoHS compliance

All the manufacturers should make the devices in such a way that they should be able to meet the standards instructed by the railway. Apart from this, custom made dc dc converters are also effective. Both custom and semi-custom dc dc converters are emerging as inevitable devices nowadays. As the manufacturing is sufficient, the costs of these converters have become more reasonable as well. Now let’s find out some benefits if this type of converters.

Advantages of custom dc dc converters:

  • You will get power where you require; not only the place form where it is routed
  • Its non-isolated features prevent grounding problems
  • Isolation permits you to float a power supply
  • You will get extra wide input voltage range, even multiple inputs
  • Lower cost is available in high volume
  • Higher efficiency in comparison to that of home brew
  • Extra protection from line voltage fluctuations, noise and spikes
  • You may use a single converter for multiple voltages as it can cut the losses of dc dc converter
  • There are special voltages that can free you from the work around off the shell solutions
  • Adjustable voltage is available that helps to speed the design
  • It offers remote voltage sensing that helps a dc dc converter in order to control the voltage at the end of the cable
  • It is blessed with the features such as low noise, mechanical configuration and extra wide range of voltage
  • You can monitor the state of the dc to dc converters with the help of the annunciation
  • It has several isolated voltages
  • Nominal input voltage
  • Input voltage range
  • Output voltage
  • It is able to trim the voltage in the factory

You can implement low current output for multiple outputs with linear circuit that is reasonable than a separate dc dc converters. It also reduces unwanted noise. Custom made power solutions can benefit you by all of these features.

About the Author

Lilly Allen is an electrical engineer by professional and a writer by profession. She is currently researching on custom power products and power supply and shares her thoughts and knowledge through his blogs and articles.

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Author: Lilly Allen

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