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Choosing the Best Architectural Hinge for Your Doors

Author: Amazing Doors & Hardware
by Amazing Doors & Hardware
Posted: Nov 22, 2016

Whenever one thinks of renovating one’s home, the most important part of the house that comes to the mind are the doors. Household doors, when done in an aesthetic manner can drastically accentuate the overall home décor. It, however, becomes essential to identify and choose the right type of architectural hinges for the doors.

The hinges also known as architectural hinges are the ones most people prefer to use when upgrading the hardware in their homes or when installing new custom doors. Architectural hinges are high-quality hinges that are made of heavier grade material as compared to residential hinges.

They are available in all sizes ranging from 3? x 3? up to 6? x 6? and even larger. There are a wide variety of architectural hinges as they are available in a wider choice of finishes as against the residential hinges.

They are also available with an NRP feature (non-removable pin). An architectural hinge with NRP is recommended on a door which swings outward. An outward swinging door has its hinge pins exposed and can be removed by intruders or thieves. While upgrading existing hinges from residential grade to architectural grade, one must keep in mind that the mortise depth on the door and jamb are increased because architectural hinges are thicker.

There is also an upgrade to the plain bearing architectural Hinge which is the ball bearing architectural Hinge. Hinges do wear out over a period of time. Heavier and wider doors put more stress on the hinges and they tend to wear on the hinge knuckles. The ball bearings are placed between the knuckles to reduce friction. Ball bearing hinges increase the life of the hinge. They also allow not making a creaking sound which makes opening the door a lot easier and often come up with a good choice whenever a door closer is used.

Residential Door Hinges are most commonly used in tract homes these days. They are lightweight and are only available in a limited number of sizes and finishes. They are only available in three sizes and are best used in lightweight doors.

There are door hinges for special situations as well:

Swing Clear Hinges: These are used whenever a door is required to swing completely clear of the openings so that wide household items such as furniture can easily pass through.

Wide Throw Hinges: These hinges position the door out further when it is open than conventional hinges. They are used when a door has a wide door jamb and is required to open 180 degrees.

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