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Race Night - excellent fundraising Ideas

Author: Dave Hitchman
by Dave Hitchman
Posted: Nov 24, 2016
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Are you in a in a desperate need of raising funds for your club house or your charity organisation? Or are you finding it hard to hit upon that brilliant idea of raising that much needed funds for your church or society? Arranging a race-night can be an excellent solution for all of your problems.

A fundraising event can amass the required funds and provide an enlivening experience at the same time. Race night is a wonderful fundraising event that has many more prizes to offer than just heaps and heaps of money. If on one hand it brings you 1000 of pounds, on the other it gifts you the golden opportunity of socializing, meeting lots of people and team-building. To put it simply, a race-night is a actually a lottery where everyone has an equal chance to win. It can be fun and enjoyable for both the novice and the racing expert.

We here at have all the packages and the systems that can satisfy your requirements and lots of experience to make a great success of your fundraising event. You will get extensive free help and guidance on generating the maximum revenue possible at these events. Below we will try to give you a detailed idea about some of the fundraising events organised by us plus a host of additional money-making ideas. What you have got to do is pick and choose the one that suits you the best.

Horse race-night films

The best quality flat and jump horse races are provided by us. Everything is downloadable. So you can experience all the thrills and excitement of a race-track sitting at the comfort of your own clubhouse, church or society. Even if you happen to live in an unusual place, you do not have to worry your head above arranging a race-night. You have just got to come to a decision about holding the event then organizing the hall, getting a computer and a projector for viewing the races and a PA system.

Check out the jobs that need to be done before the race-night

Arrange for the following:

  1. Race-night event Manager
  2. Race-night promotion Manager
  3. Race-night Master of ceremonies
  4. Race-night Tote sellers
  5. Race-night Tote ticket payouts
  6. Projectionist
  7. Race-night support staff

The above arrangements being over you can move on to the downloading task

Download the package to your computer. It’s good to go through a test run.

After you have finished downloading the races, download the pieces of paperwork that are needed for your event-

  1. Tote tickets
  2. Race-night programmes
  3. Race-night double card
  4. Race-night treble card
  5. Full instructions on race-night

And now it’s time for the big fundraising event day

  • In most cases 8 races are run covering a period of 3-3.5 minutes.
  • You can run as little as 2 races or as many as you like. It actually depends on the size of the audience at the event night and the time taken by the Tote system to complete the process.
  • The show starts with the screening of an introductory film which educates the audience about the functioning of the event. This actually creates the ambiance for the running of the race-night film. All the horses offered by us are either called by a name or a number.
  • Once the horse has been selected, the audience buy the tickets for that horse from the Tote. The tote is where people place their bets on the horses.
  • We recommend that you keep the price as either $1 or £1 to keep the calculations easy and comfortable. Remember that your profit will depend on the price of your tote ticket and the payout to the punters. Once the bets are set, the Tote is closed and the race is run.
  • When the race is over, the winner goes to the Tote to collect the prize money.
  • To make the calculations of the payments easy and quick, we provide the EASY TOTE CALCULATOR which is a free download.

There are some more ways and means to bring in additional money before and after the event. You can try them out :

  1. Selling Race-night double card
  2. Arranging for additional games like
  • Winner from loser
  • Horse auction
  • The raffle race

3. Going for money–making ideas like

  • Race-night sponsorship
  • Selling race-night programmes
  • Selling race-night horses
  • Race-night raffles and tombolas
  • Race-night bar and drink sales

So that was all about the running of a race-night. Can we now walk towards the other two race-nights organised by us?

Pig-race night

Another great fundraising event idea is holding a pig-race night. They have been successful at stag nights and weddings and for team building. You can add up a few of them with a horse race night or if you want you can also have an exclusive event of pig racing.

All the films are of a high quality digital format and can be downloaded directly to your PC. Our pig race-night promises to give you a marvelous night filled with entertainment and excitement.

The betting system and the running of the tote being the same as that of a horse race- night, here too the proceeds are either donated for a charity or are distributed for the purposes of your organisation.

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