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Go Green In Your Home

Author: Robert Fogarty
by Robert Fogarty
Posted: Jan 25, 2014

People are getting more conscious about the impact of their lifestyles on the environment. Most of the people are concerned about ‘living green’. It is very essential for people to know about each and everything they do like what they eat and drink and what kind of sprays they are using and many more. The Massachusetts tax credit for solar hot water gives incentives to people building their own homes.

Benefits of Going Green

To build a house, one needs to deal with a great amount of natural resources. To save the planet, there are a number of things that people can do, some of which include –

  • Using energy efficient appliances at home. There are numerous companies that manufacture energy efficient appliances. People can save a great amount of energy by using these appliances at their homes and offices.
  • Make effective use of solar energy. One can save the planet by using solar power to bring energy to their home. Many states in the U.S. offer different types of incentives and tax credits to the people who install solar panels.
  • Avoid using pesticides and other chemicals. There are various types of pesticides and chemicals that are available in the market. Make sure to use pesticides that have non-toxic components. Most of the manufacturers are producing environmentally friendly pesticides and chemicals. One can surely help save the environment by using these pesticides.

There are a number of ways to prevent the environment from being polluted and damaged. It starts with using recycled products to saving energy.

Incentives for solar energy in Massachusetts

There is a great boom in the sector of renewable energy sources in Massachusetts. The state is giving a number of benefits for the companies that are using solar power. Some of the benefits include tax exemption, tax deductions, exemption in property tax and many more. The Massachusetts tax credit for solar hot water program rebates are applied for a maximum of $3500. The amount of tax deducted as per this program is calculated on the basis of the Solar Rating and Certification Corporation (SRCC).

The state government is very interested in encouraging the use of renewable energy. Apart from the above said benefit, there are a number of solar incentive programs in Massachusetts, which can be invested for the home as well as businesses.

Benefits of solar energy

Solar energy is becoming more practical these days. There are numerous benefits of using solar energy, some of which include –

  • Solar energy saves a lot of money. The purchasing and installation cost of solar equipment is very high compared to traditional equipments. Though the initial cost is very high, people can find a significant decrease in the amount that is paid later in terms of bills.
  • The Massachusetts tax credit for solar hot water is a program that was launched by the state government to help people in saving more money. According to this act, people who purchase a solar water heater or photovoltaic equipment is given a tax credit of 30 percent.
  • Solar equipment does not need much maintenance. As these devices have fewer movable parts, the chances of going wrong are diminished considerably.
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Author: Robert Fogarty

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