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Tips to Pick the Perfect Water Pump for Irrigation

Author: Danny Woodhams
by Danny Woodhams
Posted: Nov 28, 2016

Due to the dramatic climatic change and limited rainfall, we often face the wrath of water scarcity. To rectify this issue, a smart device called water pumps are used to draw water from underground sources and use it for household and agricultural purposes. These water pumps use a simple mechanism and innovative technology to draw water from underground wells and supply it to the fields and homes. This method of making use of underground water using such irrigation supplies in Perth is considered and accepted to be the best solution to eradicate the issue of water scarcity.

From transfer pumps to fire-fighting pumps, the world of water pumps is isn’t simple and easy as it may appear. With so many types of water pumps available in the market, its quiet a daunting task to choose the right kind of water pump to meet your irrigation needs.

Various Applications of Water Pump

  • Irrigation purposes and lawn sprinkling
  • Draining water from basement
  • Filling or draining swimming pools and ponds and more.

Tips to Choose the Right Water Pump for Your Needs

Following are the important factors to consider while buying a water pump.

Discharge Capacity

Discharge capacity is measured in Gallons per Minute and it is the measure of the speed at which the water flows from the source to the discharge point. Discharge capacity of a water pump provides the necessary power to force water quickly to the destination. There are some portable pumps in the market which can move up to 2500 litres of water per minute for fields and farms.

Vertical Suction Lift

It is the vertical distance of water source to the pump and this factor is important for draining a basement or deep pond.

Maximum Head Lift

Maximum head lift is the total height from the water source to the destination and provides the power required to move water over a distance.

Inlet Size

The inlet size of pumps varies from any range between 1" to 6". The pumps with high inlet size can eject water from the discharge valves 4 times faster than a 1? transfer pump.

Type of Water to Be Pumped

The main consideration for buying a water pump in Perth is determining the type of water pumped. This is because, to pump clean water you can choose a transfer or fire fighting pump but when it comes to water with debris or solids, you need a trash pump to move the water.

Finally, check the quality of the pump with the brand name and check whether it carries contemporary engine or motor. Look for brands that offer solid warranties and lend you a helping hand when servicing or repair is required.

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