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A Motivated Staff Is a Productive Staff

Author: Maria Gini
by Maria Gini
Posted: Nov 29, 2016

You need to understand, not simply sympathize with, another person’s emotions to be successful in most fields. Those who remain aloof from others’ feelings, and those who allow their emotions to take control of their thought processes stand to alienate the very people they need to interact with regularly. If you know someone who falls in either category, you would understand that these people lack in emotional intelligence (EI), sometimes incorrectly called empathy. Empathy is the ability to put yourself in the other’s shoes, while emotional intelligence is the ability to watch for and cue into reactions to pitch your motivational or sales talk in a manner that resonates on an emotional level.

Inspire Your Personnel with the Right Motivation

When you undergo emotional intelligence training you begin to differentiate between incentivizing (which is tied to money) and inspiring (which is tied to emotions). Particularly in service oriented businesses you need emotional intelligence to recognize what your customer is looking for. Customers can easily gauge whether someone really cares about satisfying their needs, or whether they are simply putting in time for a paycheck. Studies have linked emotional intelligence to productivity.

Employees who are in touch with their own emotions and cognizant of the responses of others are generally both content and good producers. Be self-aware to be in control of your emotions which in turn will heighten your empathy and refine your social skills. You need to guard against denying existing emotions or try to suppress them. The most productive way to deal with them would be to transform them into positive energy. Replacing negative thinking with positive thinking is a good way to boost emotional intelligence.

Know and Manage Your Emotions

Emotional intelligence is all about how well you know your own emotions and whether you know how to manage them. When you are steady, calm, collected, and secure, you automatically across as an individual with an innate ability to understand others. Once you cease to struggle to deal with your emotions and feelings instinctively, your thinking and reasoning abilities become clearer and more accurate. You can use them to work through your emotions without being overcome by them.

When you aim to inspire an entire team, you need to ensure that the members bond with each other and focus on cooperation, not competition. You must understand that people come from all walks of life and that different cultures have a significant impact on decision making processes. EI is specially needed for professionals engaged in sales and customer support.

JEM Management Training provides in-house management training courses on conflict resolution skills and emotional intelligence training.

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