5 Reasons to Use Shoe Cover Dispensers

Author: Sameer Tendulkar
by Sameer Tendulkar
Posted: Nov 30, 2016

Among one of the gadgets necessary for sterilizing commercial spaces like a laboratory or a medical facility is an automated UV sterilizing shoe cover dispenser. Manufacturers in India have to make international quality products to keep up with the competition; but with the rise of facilities like laboratories, clinics, hospitals, and food processing facilities in the country - there is an increased demand for the right products in the right pricing.

Shoe covering dispensers wrap your footwear with a disposable polythene sheath and simultaneously UV sterilize it. Automated Shoe cover dispenser manufacturers have made it easier to disinfect and cover your footwear - sanitizing your feet for entry into an area which needs to be safe from the slightest traces of dust and germs!

Here are 5 reasons to have shoe covering dispensers in your office or business establishment -

1 - If you have a restaurant or fast food joint, having the right products and regular supplies from a reputed shoe cover dispenser manufacturer outside your kitchen area is absolutely mandatory! Before staff enter the food preparation area, their shoes are covered with the disposable covering to ensure that no outside dust or dirt can enter the kitchen. Also ensure a steady supply of disposable covers from the same supplier.

  1. For laboratories or medical facilities of any kind, sterilization is vital. Shoe covering dispensers help people entering the laboratory easily prepare with a sanitized cover over their footwear. The dispensers also sterilize footwear with a high power UV light to kill off even the hardiest microbes. While it was a hassle to change into special lab shoes before entering a sterilized area; it is easier these days with automated machines which save on time and effort!
  2. Offices these days are mostly centrally air conditioned, and carpeted from wall to wall. To keep your office location absolutely clean, install an automatic shoe covering dispenser!

There are various models which also come in different attractive colours to match your decor. With everyone's shoes covered with a disposable cover, their shoes do not carry in the dirt and grime from outdoors onto your carpet!

4 - For any kind of factory unit, you need heavy duty models from reputed shoe cover dispenser manufacturers which can cover footwear of hundreds of people quickly and efficiently. These would have large cartridges which can hold up to a hundred sterilized covers, and can also quickly disinfect the footwear with UV light before wrapping it! Also do ensure a steady supply of affordable disposable covers from your supplier.

6 - Any facility involved in food processing has to give a lot of importance to sanitization and hygiene; and it has become extremely important to have a reliable automatic shoe covering dispenser at the entry to keep the facilities safe from germs from the outside environment.

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