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Are tiled floors child friendly?

Author: Anna Preston
by Anna Preston
Posted: Dec 01, 2016

Perhaps you are considering new flooring for your home but are uncertain whether tiled floors will be suitable for your house. Let us show you just how child friendly tiles can be.

Ease of cleaning

Whilst tiled flooring might not be the first choice for many people, when it comes to child friendly flooring, it is far more family friendly than many people realise. Children spill things, a lot, they spill drinks, the drop snacks and then walk them into your flooring, they love to doodle on every available surface with crayons and pens and they also have accidents when you get to the toilet training stage. Well fitted porcelain floor tiles, which have a non-porous surface and are therefore stain resistant can be a great flooring material to use in the family home.

Cleaning tiles is easy. Just a simple mopping every couple of days should keep it clean on a day to day basis. For individual stains and spills most things will clean up with a mop and a bucket, although of course if crayons have been involved you may need to do a little gentle scrubbing as well.


When it comes to hygiene our floors get it all; if we walk around the house in our shoes we trail all sorts of things in with us. Children, small ones especially, are often ill and unfortunately floors and furniture usually bear the brunt of this. Tiles can be cleaned in a matter of minutes making them not just clean but also hygienic. Unlike carpets there shouldn’t be any issues with lingering odours which can sometimes take many days and numerous products, to say nothing of the scrubbing to get out of their fibres.


Ceramic tiles also make a great flooring choice, they are hard wearing and very durable, which is good news with children, as well as looking stunning. Choose a more textured tile if you are concerned about the floor being too slippery when it is wet, for example in a bathroom or even a kitchen.

Which rooms?

Whilst you might not want to use tilling in all the rooms of your home there are some that it would be very practical to use it in when you have children. If you have a playroom where your children are likely to spend a fair amount of their time then tiling is a great option, with its easy to clean surface it shouldn’t be too hard to clean up whatever your children spill on it. If you want an area of your playroom where they can play on the floor and crawl around, then an inexpensive rug would make the perfect solution on top of the tiles.

If your children love playing in the garden, then a tile floor is a must for a conservatory as it will make it easy for them to come and go without you worrying about them walking mud and leaves into your carpets.

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