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Wax Rings - Things to Avoid

Author: Bailey Wright
by Bailey Wright
Posted: Dec 11, 2016

A day or two ago we got a call from an exceptionally baffled property holder. She had a toilet on the principle floor that was spilling down into the family room in her cellar. Typically this wouldn't be too huge of a reason for concern. Lamentably, she had officially paid to have it settled 3 times by different handymen.

While this was a bit of scaring tolerating an occupation that three different handymen had neglected to right, it was pulling at my interest. In the wake of investigating it from beneath (removable roof tiles are incredible!), we decided it to be a terrible seal at the wax ring. Once the toilet was pulled, there were three warnings that emerged.

The first was that the flange was too low. The right position for a storage room flange is to be on top of the completed floor. Now and again this is not the situation because of another floor having been introduced. In the event that the flange ends up being too low, the right set is excessively raise it up with flange extenders. These are thin Frisbee like piece that stack on top of the flange and each other to convey the flange up to the best possible stature.

On the off chance that the flange is flush with the complete floor or marginally above, it is satisfactory to utilize a thicker wax ring. The issue in this house was the flange was underneath the complete floor and they endeavored to utilize a thicker wax ring. This brought about no squish of the wax, and a frail seal.

The following issue we saw needed to do with the flange itself. Eventually the cast press flange and elbow in this house was supplanted with pvc. This is typically something to be thankful for, aside from the handyman did not utilize a worthy flange. The new pvc flange that had been introduced was intended to fit INSIDE of the 3" pvc, rather than the outside like it ought to have been.

This gave it kind of a "rack" right where it acknowledges the release of the toilet. The issue is that that when the water was hitting the "rack", it was in all probability bringing on a considerable measure of superfluous sprinkling and dissolving of the wax seal.

The third issue and the most widely recognized issue we see, needs to do with the wax seal itself. While the wax rings with the plastic "horn" appear to bode well and seem more secure, they really cause a bigger number of issues than they fathom. The plastic horn disturbs the water in the very same way that the rack was with the bad toilet flange.

At the point when the toilet is flushed and the water goes racing through the wax seal and flange, it hits the plastic horn and bringing on a considerable measure of over the top sprinkling around the wax. In due time, it will inevitably bring about a break. There is no requirement for the plastic horn, ever. A fundamental wax ring is all you will ever require in the event that you have the best toilet flange.

Since the mortgage holder in this did not have a perfect flange, we utilized neoprene toilet rings rather than wax. This will guarantee that the wax is not washed away and created to spill by the intemperate sprinkling. Yes, it is valid, time should tell on this one, yet meanwhile, I will rest extremely well.

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