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Deck Designing Trends in 2016

Author: Stephanie Aarons
by Stephanie Aarons
Posted: Dec 12, 2016
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Adding a deck to our home is the best and most appropriate choice for us especially for those who are desperately looking to add extra living space. Decks will certainly add a great space for spending time in outdoors.

At deck, we can easily spend some time with our near and dear ones during the scorching summer and moreover, it’s an ideal place for relaxing, reading, entertaining and so on. Over the past few years, the decks have been amalgamated with our lifestyle. But it is also true that the simple and square wood decks have been obsolete in these days. Now, people are investing a chunk of money for long-lasting and chic decks with unique styles and a personal touch which can certainly uplift their lifestyles and add property value.

The year 2016 is a very challenging year for all the carpenters and other persons who are associated with the decking industry. As they need to make such an outdoor living place which is aesthetically beautiful and simultaneously, quite durable and high-functioning. There are many companies in the market that create unique decking in Adelaide.

Below, we are mentioning some popular deck designing trends 2016 that are able to grab the attention of the customers.

  1. Outdoor is now indoor: Over the past few years, the outdoor living environment is gaining popularity than the indoor living. Now, homeowners want to use their deck as another room of their house and hence, they prefer to design their deck in a unique and innovative manner. These days, we prefer to use different areas of a deck and hence, we are showing our propensity towards multiple levels of a deck where we can easily accomplish cooking, dining, sitting, bathing in a tub etc. The outdoor kitchen is a very popular and growing trend in western countries like America. Here, people often use their decks to cook food for their families and loved ones. They often decorate their decks with cabinet, refrigerator, sink and storage's.
  2. Capped composite decking is much popular: With the advancement of technology, people are shifting their interest from uncapped composite and cellular PVC decking to the capped composite decking. Capped composite decking is quite economic and they don’t require any high maintenance cost.
  3. Add water: Now, people are not only focusing on to decorate the decks with various furniture but they also prefer to add some water elements to their decks which can not only enhance the aesthetic beauty but also make the entire atmosphere more spiritual and celestial. That’s why many homeowners are showing their keenness to add a water feature in a deck's design. The soothing and peaceful sounds of a fountain will certainly augment the relaxing atmosphere of a deck. While on the other hand, a hot tub or a pool offers a bit of a backyard escape.
  4. Deck railing is grabbing more attention: Since customers are more focusing on singular design, hence, railing represents a valuable opportunity for deck dealers and distributors. Homeowners are enticing towards the wide range of beautiful, durable and low-maintenance railings which can make a deck more appealing and enchanting. Cable railing is one of the popular options which is gaining popularity among the customers. Consumers may add balusters in contrasting colors or post caps made of metal or stained glass in order to make a deck more exciting and enthralling.
  5. Contemporary style is moving in: Many homeowners prefer to design their decks in a modern, contemporary way. This desirable look is all about clean lines, absence of ornamentation, mixing of different types of materials like glass, wood, metal and composites.
  6. Picturing framing is the latest trend: We may use deck boards of different colors or we can frame certain areas in order to enhance the appearance and safety of an outdoor deck. Moreover, picture framing also adds safety by drawing attention to edges and stairs, and it is the best and innovative way by which we can draw the attention of our guests if they have kids with them.
  7. Lighting should be bright: If we want to create a night-time ambiance and atmosphere, then we need to decorate our decks with some bright LED and solar lights. Low-voltage lighting can easily give an energy-efficient illumination for an outdoor living area, while on the other hand, solar lighting can the place brighter and scintillating without wiring or electricity.

Today, most of us want some exclusive and unique design for our decks which can help us to stand out from the crowd. Moreover, these unique and creative designs will certainly enhance our property value by ten times. Hope, from all the above-mentioned points, we got a clear idea regarding what are the popular designing trends for decking in the year 2016.

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