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How to Buy SoundCloud Likes to Boost Your Music on SoundCloud (Fast)?

Author: Sandy Joe
by Sandy Joe
Posted: Feb 09, 2019
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Among Social Media Networking Websites, greatly enabled by Internet, SoundCloud has emerged as very potential music sharing tool on the web. In SoundCloud, musicians- upcoming or seasoned- have got a great platform, to promote and popularize their musical creations worldwide.

  • Like’ is Life

While creating a musical- song, soundtrack, beats etc.- a musician runs a wish in his heart & mind that his music must reach innumerable listeners and also very much liked and praised. Before come-up of SoundCloud the heartfelt wishes knew little fulfillment in terms of some hundred listeners and not-so-remarkable praises.

SoundCloud has emerged only with the concept of rewarding the musicians with global exposure and high-rise praises.

You, the Musician, have just to upload your music-track on SoundCloud and with the number of ‘likes’ which you will click on the uploads of your fellow musicians and with the reciprocated ‘likes’ from them and by doing it again and again on as many profiles as you can, you can generate some thousands of ‘likes’ and comments on your SoundCloud uploads.

1 Get real SoundCloud ‘likes’ for our tracks

The number of ‘likes’ as generated above being not sufficient for wide exposure and praises, it is best suggested and advised to buy SoundCloud likes. This gives rise to immediate attention to your music-uploads on SoundCloud and number of plays grows exponentially followed by deserving praises. Your songs and soundtracks, on being heard and listened to by huge audience, raise your credibility as musician and familiarize you among music-lovers and general people alike.

Your growing popularity, numerically shown by the number of ‘likes’ over your profile and uploads, will arrest the attention of agents of media and record companies who are always looking around SoundCloud for highly played up and ‘liked’ up musicians’ profiles.

2 Remain Regular in Uploading Good Music

With some constructive variations you can release your tracks on the tail as because naturally it is not expected of a musician to release a track/ soundtrack on every few months and he has to maintain the growth of his SoundCloud profile too, so, let this tactic work for you to polish up your SoundCloud profile with every new music release.

This tactic or say system will work better and better at each release of your music. More and more people will re-post and follow you with each of your music release and thus your popularity with scale up to new highs and your music will reach out to more and more music-lovers. Moreover, this is the in-heart wishes of any musician.

Frequent releases of music will impress over your listeners and profile followers that your career as a musician is blooming to spreading up fragrances. The celebrity musicians, to name a few ones, Luca Lush, San Holo, Marshmello have given their careers steep rises by constant sharing of their music with large numbered audience and their musician fellows alike.

By frequent release of music it is not meant that you have to release your soundtrack daily but to keep up the growth and momentum you have to ensure that a track is uploaded before the last track begins to die. This method finds a mention in The SoundCloud Bible by Budi Voogt. We call it releasing on the tail. The long curve downwards after your track takes on to peak is called the tail. Releasing on the tail can be understood as throwing a ball up in the air at the same time the other is coming down.

On checking the status of Daily Plays of your SoundCloud Play, if you find that your daily plays are decreasing fast for the past three days, it is right time to upload a new track without delay. This process needs to be repeated.

2 Sell only on Audience Demand, Otherwise Don’t!

At the set on of your career as a musician on the SoundCloud, keep focus on the people who have downloaded your music rather than on those who have bought your music. The number of the former one (people) will always bigger than that of the latter one because only a few dedicated one want to buy the music otherwise most one want to download the music for free. Post free music to find music-lovers pick (download) it with both hands.

2 Installing a Download Gate

Your music is free; it does not mean that you cannot ask for anything.

There is one way by which you can draw benefits even if your music is free and it is that you install a Download Gate!

Through a download gate, a SoundCloud or social media platform of a fan will be connected and in order to receive the track, he will be asked to interact i.e. to follow, like, post etc. offers a long range of social interactions for every download: Follow SoundCloud, Repost song on SoundCloud, Like Facebook, Follow Spotify /Instagram/Snapchat (optional).

The above SoundCloud interactions are vitally important. When the fans will follow you on SoundCloud to download, they will get the next song into their feed. If they require a repost, the fans’ download will be naturally or say organically spread your music to the feeds of their friends and relatives. Thus your SoundCloud profile and your uploaded music upon it will scale up global highs of popularity and acceptability.

Your personal style will matter little for the non-SoundCloud actions. Many musical artists do not like Facebook because Facebook does not allow to promote music after all to a musician it is the promotion of their music that matters most and they wish and want most! However, it is recommended to build up a fan following for Facebook because it reflects that you are popular and you enjoy bigger reach out to music-lovers. Likewise, Spotify, Instagram, Snapchat etc. serve their purposes in overwhelming your profile in terms of worldwide listening and praise-ups.

2 Teaming up with Friends

In order to shine up your SoundCloud profile it is suggested to form a team of music producers and performers. It will be hugely benefiting to all the team members of musicians if they mutually like, comment, re-post etc. each other’s SoundCloud uploads.

Conclusively, through measured and calculated steps of music promotion on SoundCloud you all will attain equally great high of popularity and enrichment's through signing-ups with major record companies and other agents of publicity and advertisement. It’s all the Best!!!

About the Author

Sandy Joe is 30 years old female. She is currently working at company which is a social media service provider.

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