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Benefits of Standing Desks for Weight Loss

Author: Will Smith
by Will Smith
Posted: Dec 12, 2016

Naturally one of the key disadvantages of employed in an enclosed office space is that you will usually be able to nip a few extra in. more at the end of each working month. The office environment is scarcely conducive to shedding unhealthy calories - although maybe if you type fast enough a sweat of types may be piled up and you never know, that cappuccino and cream parmesan cheese bagel you had for breakfast might just be burnt off before lunch break - highly unlikely, but if it makes you feel a lot better you can take it as gospel. But, the truth, the whole real truth and nothing but the truth is available on the scales.

Standing Desk for Weight loss

Standing Desk Benefits, a desk which is built so it stands just below shoulder level rather than waist level allowing its user to standup will assist you with weight loss in a variety of different methods. Of course you'll probably find the particular notion of standing at a desk for long durations of time quite challenging initially, but once into your stride you will find it is second mother nature and as well as obtaining your weight loss goals you will notice that the Standing Desk also encourages back and core durability, greatly improved circulation and generally much larger production. It is a means of working which should not be ignored.

Simply no one is saying that you need to make an immediate transition. Following having spent so a number of days, several weeks, months or even years slumped precariously over your desk, then a good starting point would be to start out using the Motorized Standing Desk option perhaps simply a couple of hours at a time. Studies conducted have proven that folks who get up from their seated positions a couple of times an hour and usually give themselves a break in the action from sitting, have smaller waistlines and better single profiles for sugar and excess fat metabolisms than of those who remained sat immobile at their work areas for a long time. So imagine then that you're eventually able to stand throughout the day at your desk! Any kind of previous weight woes would be scuttling meekly off in the sunset.

Naturally, standing up burns more calories than being seated, a third more in fact; so after that heavy lunchtime treat or the chocolate brownie assisted coffee break, the body will react in a kinder fashion should you decided to gently continue with your duties whilst standing up rather than slouching into your desk.

Now you know how standing desks help facilitate weight loss, but what in the event you get? There are a couple of options, you can grab a standing desk converter and convert your current desk into a sit or stand desk. Or you can consider using Height Adjustable Standing Desks. Of course if you are helpful with tools, or know someone who is, you can build one yourself.

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