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Different Types of Men’s Rings that Would Leave You Truly Amazed

Author: Charlie Brown
by Charlie Brown
Posted: Dec 14, 2016

Since time immemorial men’s rings have been symbolizing prosperity, faith, allegiance, and power of the people wearing them. Men usually wear very few jewelry pieces and most men who wear rings are actually in reality men of influence and power. Mostly self-made powerful and influential men care to flaunt their rings. For the layman, men’s rings would mean nothing more than an assortment of materials and shapes but actually, there is some story behind every ring design and there is a solid reason for wearing any metal or gemstone. A lot of significance is attached to the finger that you choose to wear your ring on. Modern research has revealed various associated benefits that are almost similar to acupressure.

After numerous years of successive styles, fashion and kinds of rings, today there are countless options available in the market. However, the wedding ring, signet, and the engagement ring are some of the most famous. You would be spoilt for choices. Rings could be having a social, symbolic, and aesthetic function. However, rings are always supposed to be the true reflection of the culture and the time they were in use. Most importantly, rings have always demonstrated the personality of the wearer.

Different kinds of rings irrespective of materials, shapes, meanings or use have managed to cross centuries. Some rings, especially those that seem to have some sort of a symbolic function like the signet or the wedding rings are widely used even today. Here are some famous kinds of rings.

Custom-Made Rings

Custom-made rings are a true expression of individuality and a hallmark of status and prestige. You could get in touch with some experienced and competent jewelry designer or a reputed jewelry store and order your customized rings as per your unique specifications. You just need to express your needs, desires, and expectations to your jeweler. Custom made rings would stand out from the usual mass-manufactured pieces. Your jeweler would be designing your ring to your precise specifications right from the metal to the gemstone, the band style, and the unique shape.

You could opt for the quintessential gold wedding band or you could opt for the chic and truly innovative tungsten carbide rings. Custom made rings are the way to go for every occasion whether for wedding or engagement or as a mark of fraternity or friendship or for celebrating an anniversary or rejoicing an achievement. You could get gold or platinum wedding bands in every store. High-quality tungsten designer bands are also available today at incredible prices to meet individual requirements. They are truly pocket-friendly, everlasting and stylish and need no rhodium plating.

Claddagh Rings

Claddagh rings are actually a type of fede’ ring that symbolize hands that are joined together in loyalty and faith. The Claddagh style actually dates back to the early 1700s and originates in a particular Irish fishing village after which these rings have been named. These rings are quite easily distinguished thanks to their bezel that seems to be cast or cut into the distinctive shape comprising two hands that are holding a heart in between them, and there is a crown that is placed right on top of the beautiful heart. Fenian’ Claddagh rings do not have the crown. The crown symbolizes loyalty, the heart signifies love, and the hands imply friendship.

Celtic Designs

Celtic designs are extremely popular for rings even today. Celtic designs are known to be unique because of their interlacing designs which would be including key patterns, spirals, and step patterns. Their immense appeal actually lies in the eye-catching and striking motifs which usually is a magical combination of simplicity and intricacy. You would be finding really intricate weaves developed from just a single line. Each unique design symbolizes a distinctive trait of the wearer: Integrity, Love, Harmony and Hope and many others. Another striking feature of the famous Celtic rings is the presence of two simple bands which are bordering and containing the weave design between them.

Grooved Rings

Grooved rings come with grooves that are etched efficiently into the band. Grooved rings are supposed to be solid, strong, and extremely masculine ring. They are quite different from the rings that have only one groove running all along the circumference, they have numerous grooves etched in a similar way, or maybe a network of multiple grooves engraved beautifully into intricate designs that stand out, particularly when light falls on them.

Contemporary Rings

These are the beautifully designed and most innovative tungsten and titanium rings that are very much in vogue. They have a truly understated and stylish appearance. They are loved by those who were initially allergic mentally towards the more conventional rings. Contemporary rings are best for the modern man who has been able to form an independent image of his own, who is bold and courageous and has the guts to experiment with new styles. Contemporary rings come in diverse designs and they stand out from the conventional ones. Contemporary rings are also worn for some specific reasons. They often signify affiliations, achievements, and most importantly, relationships.

Birthstone Ring

This is a truly simple ring that is set along with the wearer’s birthstone or the birthstone of his spouse. These are quite common with people who have a fascination for astrology. Mother’s ring could also be set exclusively with numerous birthstones.

Cameo Ring

Cameo ring comprises a nicely carved cameo that is found on top. This kind of extremely old ring actually was worn generally by men. The antique Cameos actually represented Christian saints, Gods, and portraits. The stone is quite often made from marble. The latest cameo ring would usually be displaying the face of any Roman soldier or the beautiful Goddess.


We have discussed only some of the stunning rings from a vast variety of rings. We all are very much aware of the wedding rings and the engagement rings. There are many other rings that are loved and worn with pride such as the championship rings, class rings and of course, the eternity rings. Eternity rings are absolutely stunning ones that come with diamonds and symbolize eternity with your partner. It is often given and used in place of an engagement ring.
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