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Toilet Troubleshooting - Locating Your Problem

Author: Nlk Plumber Melbourne
by Nlk Plumber Melbourne
Posted: Dec 22, 2016

Leakage in toilets can also defeat the purpose of water conservation. When it comes to household plumbing problems, toilet problems are really the ones which can be difficult to resolve. This is when you look for advice or support of a professional plumber. Before you approach a professional plumber it is important to have a look at some of the symptoms of your toilet and judge its condition.

Different symptoms of toilet problems

  1. One of the basic symptoms is water on the floor around the toilet base which may indicate water leaks. There could be different reasons for this such as loose wax ring seal or breakage in sewer pipes.
  2. Water leakage could be present between bowl and tank. The problem may indicate issues with rubber seals or the bolts between bowl and tank. This problem may lead to deterioration of items.
  3. The toilet tank not filling up is yet another major problem faced at home. There is a part in your toilet tank known as flapper which is attached to the flush valve. It is usually made of soft rubber and also susceptible to deterioration. You can repair this problem by getting the flapper replaced.
  4. The water does not shut off even when the tank is full. Such problems can be due to a problem in the supply valve. Also, there can be various other reasons for this problem. In many cases, replacing the seals will help in repairing the problem.

While the above-mentioned problems can get worse if not dealt with immediately, it is essential to look for a permanent solution and contact a professional plumber. He can render appropriate services to resolve the problem and help you get rid of it.

How to learn and fix running toilet

One of the simplest ways to troubleshoot running toilets is by looking around at the problems in your toilet. As described before, there can be various problems in the toilet and the odds are that you may have multiple problems in your home. Either the toilet tank could be problematic or there could be leakages in toilet drainage pipes. A good visual check of the water levels in the tank and pipes can provide a good suggestion of plumbing problems.

Clogged toilet problems

Clogs could be the result of improper flushing in your toilets. If there is any clogging in your toilet then it will result in overflow and most likely cause the water to flow all around the bathroom. Minor clogs could be tackled with the help of a toilet plunger but if there are intractable clogs in your toilet then it becomes quite difficult to track and remove clogging. In such cases, it is better to not to perform DIY techniques but instead take support from a professional plumber who can perform proper examination of drainage popes and toilet pipes.

Tank Leakages

Another common type of toilet plumbing issue could be related to tank leakages. Toilet tanks are susceptible to leakages during flushing. Leakages can start appearing after certain years of use and you would start noticing different components in the toilet would begin to be problematic. One of the key components includes a filled valve which is the main device that fills the tank with water. It is also known as Babcock value and available in different variations including a plunger valve, diaphragm type valve, float cup and float less type. Flush valve is the one responsible for releasing stored water in the tank and is also used for closing the consistent flow of water. Leakages can be easily repaired once you know the common parts of a toilet and are equipped to deal with the water problems. However, if you are not able to deal with overflowing it is important to take support from a plumber who can help deal with tank leakages and get you come out of the issue immediately.

Running toilet

Unnoticed water leakages could increase your water bills exponentially and result into wastage of gallons of water. Conserving water not only helps in reducing water bills but also reduces water wastage. You can conduct straightforward experiment to identify toilet leakage at the initial stage and thereby contact Plumber Kensington. One of the ways to identify is by adding food color dye inside your water tank. If the color appears in the toilet bowl or around any particular area then you will be able to identify the leakage areas. Another way to resolve flush issues is by interchanging the rubber flush. It helps in stopping water leakage. Running toilets are susceptible to water wastage and you need to contact your localized professional who can detect water seepage and perform water correction on time.

Sweaty bowl

Another common type of toilet problem is related to sweaty bowl. Vapors can cause sweaty toilet bowls. Steam in your bathroom can result into triggering perspiring lavatory bowl. If the sweaty bowl is not repaired on time then it can even result into fungal or germs growth in the bathroom. One of the best ways of correcting this complication is by covering water walls, or approaching professionals to correct this.


Repairing common household problems is not always the most exciting work when it comes to DIY (Do It Yourself). Toilets constantly go through various issues and also impact water conservation. The key thing is to decide which problems you can fix on your own and which ones you can’t do it yourself? While the idea of trying to repair your toilet plumbing issues may seem daunting, it is often simpler that it may appear. A running toilet is always the important place in your home where most of the plumbing issues reside. There are many parts in your toilet or number of things that can go wrong. If you get started and decide on which areas in your toilet requires repair from professional companies, you can contact plumber Kensington.

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