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Efficient Static Eliminator Technology For Improving Productivity in The Electronics and Other Indus

Author: Kv Gopalakrishnan
by Kv Gopalakrishnan
Posted: Dec 30, 2016

The huge spurt in the Indian economy is partially enabled by the increasing use of new and innovative technology. Various sectors of these industries depend on sensitive electronic equipment to manage their processes. Apart from the automation of various production and packaging industries, there are various other industrial applications that use electronic equipment used as well.

Need for efficient static charge neutralizers

All these electronic devices are very sensitive and are probably very expensive as well. Unwanted static electricity charge can have adverse effects on such sensitive equipment, and as such, these need to be constantly guarded against the static charge. There are various products in the market that promise to provide really good anti-static tools. However, the truth is that only some leading companies in India are renowned for providing good quality anti-static solutions. Some of India’s reliable industrial solution providers, such as Valence are renowned for providing the best static charge eliminators.

Apart from the static charges disrupting the calibration or the sensitive components of the industrial electronic equipment, it is also one of the major causes of attracting dust to the machines. Market consultants estimate that millions of dollars are spent each year on repairing and maintaining machinery that has been damaged by dust accumulation, by companies from all around the world. The static charge neutralizer can effectively prevent dust from settling on machinery and other industrial equipment surfaces.

Top anti-static industrial solutions

Some of the products supplied by Valence are preferred by various manufacturing, development, and processing industries for their quality and efficiency.

The Valence product range includes:

Valstat® VS 20 Active AC Static Eliminator

These are cost effective and completely safe static charge eliminators that are useful as anti-static solutions for moving surfaces. The interspersed electrodes all along the surface of this handy anti-static bar generate both ions equally to ensure complete removal of static discharge from the moving surface.

Valstat® Ionizing Nozzle and Air Gun

This innovative, high powered air gun is used to focus a stream of ionized (or even normal) air onto a surface to remove static charge from the surface as well as to clean it well with the fast flow of air. This dual action ionized air gun is most useful in the plasticware industry.

Valstat® Blower-based Static Eliminator

This is another effective anti-static solution for various applications in industries. This ionizing blower is most effective in removing unwanted static charge from a comparatively wider surface. Its energy efficient single phase motor drives an inlet impeller to draw in ambient air from the sides. The powerful static charge eliminator bars covering the entire width of the outlet allow it to blow ionized air over a wide surface area. This anti-static blower system is effective up to a range of 1,000 mm from the targeted surface.

Valstat® Passive Discharge Brush

This innovative anti-static brush uses very fine filaments that are made from high quality, durable material. This brush is useful to make the web surface devoid of unwanted static charge. As these are non-powered, they are ideal for use in industrial sectors that work with explosives or other such sensitive equipment.

Valence also provides other static charge neutralizer units for various static control applications. These anti-static solutions have helped various manufacturing, packaging, and processing units to cut down on losses from damage caused by dust and the adverse effects of static charge on sensitive industrial electronic equipment.

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