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A Must Solar Blanket for Your Pools in Winter

Author: Sun Lover
by Sun Lover
Posted: Dec 28, 2016

When you intend to enjoy the swim in all the seasons then it is of utmost importance to keep the water temperature controlled.

Efficient lido heating system is the process by which the water from the pool is heated through the pipes over the roof by sun’s energy.

The day has arrived at last when your brand new pool is ready to soak you in and you are looking forward to taking a refreshing dip in the puddle after a hard day at work. You suddenly realize that the dip in the late evening becomes a revelation for you unless you have already installed a solar swimming pool heating system. Now you need not worry about any other occupant in the plunge pool and swim at your leisure without worrying about the membership fees or driving far to the club to take a warm dip.

We are already aware before we even buy a swimming pool or built in a swimming pond as a new addition to our home that it would be useful for the hottest month of the year. There are two very vital factors that one should consider before bring in the new addition to the house, is the enjoyment factor and the value it would add to your home and to the members of the family. Most likely many people make the mistake of overlooking the importance and benefits of solar pool heating system brisbane.

In order to enjoy the benefit of your swimming pond, you would like the water to be fairly warm to get relaxed and swim comfortably. Even during the heights of the summer season, the night temperatures can take the heat away from your plunge pool making it difficult to take the full benefit of your lido but with the installation of solar pool heating system, you can enjoy the swim at any time of the day and any time of the month in a year.

Basically, there are four sources of water heating for your pond and that would be electric, heat pumps, gas heating or solar heating system. The solar heating system is the most popular because of its advantage of using the sun's free energy to heat the water. The process of heating the water from the lido is done through the collectors which are mostly located on the roof or at a height where you get the maximum sunshine. The water is flushed through these panels which use the sun’s energy to heat the water and is thrown back into the piscina. Most of the water heating system uses digital controllers to send water to the panels when there is enough or sufficient sunshine.

The solar pool heating system is very cost effective because of its simplicity and efficiency. For most of the outdoor lido heating system, the vital part is the motorized valve triggered by a different controller. There are two sensors with the controller – one which is close to the solar pond collector so it could use the solar radiation and the other one that measures the temperature of the water from the piscina. The valve is opened when there is enough solar energy collected to heat the water. The water is then sent back to the collectors before being returned back to the puddle. The valve closes automatically when there is not enough solar radiation to maintain the collector’s temperature that would be a degree or two degrees F above the water from the lido.

Let us look at some of the advantages of the SPH system

  • It can increase the rise in water temperature from 15 degrees to 20 degrees
  • It improves or extends the swimming season up to a year depending on the location
  • Zero operational cost with zero pollution
  • No fuel required
  • It last for almost 20 years and more
  • Very easy installation and minimum maintenance is required

For proper installation of SPH System, certain factors are very imperative such as the climate, building code requirement, solar resources and safety issues. Thus it would be advisable to have a certified solar heating system expert contractor to install your system. The proper installation will keep the machine going for about 20 years and more.

Looking at the cost component of SPH system

It is advisable to opt for the certified contractors rather than DIY unless you have proper plumbing knowledge or technical handyman skills. There would mainly be three factors involved

Solar energy collectors- The tube panels or pipes through which the water runs to be heated by the sun’s heat

Booster pump- That aids the process of circulating the pool water through existing water filters to collectors and back to the puddle

Controller- a device which controls the time of the flow of water from the pool to the panels and back to the piscina

Solar pool heating system has the advantage of being economical as well as ecological. They are the most renewable and sustainable source for our swimming pond. A good ecological water heating system can keep the water at the best temperatures as per your requirement all the year round to give you the maximum benefit of your investment.

Do not check the water temperatures of your pool with your tip toe or finger to get surprised; instead approach the Sunlovers Heating for the best Solar Heating System in Brisbane they will ensure that your water remains warm all the year round for a perfect dip in the water.

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You will love swimming in your pool all year round with Solar Pool Heating from Sunlover Heating and available in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth.

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