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Relieving the Problem of Cystitis

Author: Sally Wilkinson
by Sally Wilkinson
Posted: Dec 30, 2016
bladder infections

Aside from bladder control and bowel movement issues, there is another problem that falls under the same list: Cystitis, or more generally bladder infection or UTI (Urinary Tract Infection). This too is more common than you would think and can be incredibly painful. It is basically what happens when bacteria multiplies abnormally in the bladder and the condition is one that affects women more than it does men. There are many ways to treat it which are useful to learn about especially if you tend to suffer from it frequently. Both home remedies and medical treatments can work wonders when combines together.

Urinate Frequently

One of the reasons people tend to develop bladder infections is because they hold the urge to urinate in even when they really need to. Although it might be painful to urinate whilst affected with UTI, you need to remember that you should actually be urinating more frequently. It helps flush out the bacteria that is causing all of this trouble in the first place so the more you can get rid of the better. Of course it will take a lot of urinating to clean them right out, however with medication you will be able to get it done. UTI can also occur if you do not urinate after sexual activity and affects both genders.

Keep Up Your Fluid Intake

Obviously you will not be able to urinate as much as you should be if you do not drink a lot of fluids. Aside from water, you should only consume cranberry juice since it has touted benefits for this very purpose. Anti-bacterial and highly effective, it loads you with the fluids you need to help you recover. Ural Products used in conjunction with this will only help boost your road to recovery. Drink as much water as you can, even after you have gotten back on your feet. As you are still vulnerable to infection, you need to be extremely careful.


Those who have suffered bladder infections know the persistent searing pain that is generally around the pelvic region. It can be hard to bear it and worsens as you urinate as pressure is applied to the pelvic muscles. Your doctor will prescribe you some pain relievers that will help contain the discomfort. However, as some of these antibiotics can take time to work, you should look into painkillers you could take that provide instant relief while you wait.

Use Heat

You can either buy a product specially designed for this purpose, or you could simply heat some water up and use a towel. Heat therapy is effective for bladder infections as the heat helps soothe and dull the ache that occurs around the abdominal area. Do this a few times or if you have help, ask someone to do it for you. You will find it to be extremely therapeutic and it will be easier to deal with the pain while you wait for your medication to take effect. It works great as a part of the treatment.

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