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7 Benefits of Using Neoprene Fabric

Author: National Webbing
by National Webbing
Posted: Dec 31, 2016

Neoprene, a member of the synthetic rubber family, is a popular fabric that is produced using a foaming process known as polymerization of chloroprene. Available in sheets or rolls, neoprene fabrics offer a wide range of benefits that are useful across a variety of industries.

Neoprene Is Very Durable

It is no wonder so many people look for neoprene fabric wholesale. The durability of the rubber makes it perfect for a range of purposes. It can withstand a variety of elements and temperatures ad bonds well with metal, making it perfect for people and products in the automotive and medical industries. Its durability makes it a much safer option than other rubber-based materials on the market.

Neoprene Is Resistant to Chemicals

Neoprene fabric is resistant to petroleum-based oils as well as many other chemicals. It won't break down easily, which is why protective gear such as gloves and aprons is typically created with it. The lightweight material makes it easy for the wearer to remove while remaining safe during dangerous tasks.

Neoprene Is Adhesive

In combination with its chemical resistance, neoprene's adhesive properties allow it to be used in a variety of situations without fear of slipping or otherwise coming undone. It can be found in everything from furniture covers to automotive trim. It's probably even in your shoes. The United States show industry uses it for soles and is the largest consumer of the adhesive fabric.

Neoprene Is Weather-Resistant

Its ability to perform in a range of weather situations is another reason neoprene fabrics have been featured in so many clothing options in recent years. In fact, the popular fashion magazine Elle called Neoprene a must-have fabric in 2014. Its resistance to water and buoyancy properties make it the perfect choice for manufacturing wetsuits. It is also impervious to sunlight, sand, snow, dust and oxidation so it can be added to camera and laptop bags as extra protection.

Neoprene Offers Cushioning

Plenty of people search for neoprene fabric for sale in order to create protective gear such as knee pads and helmets. The rubber-based fabric is available in a range of thicknesses and can provide shock protection in many situations.

Neoprene Is Stretchy

Neoprene fabric is stretchable yet form-fitting, meaning it can conform to a variety of products and shapes, regardless of whether they are for objects or the human body. The versatility is much easier to mold to various people than many other materials are.

Neoprene Is Free of Latex

Perhaps the most important benefit of neoprene fabrics is the fact that they are free of latex. Many people are allergic to latex, which can make enjoying everyday life or even getting proper medical care more difficult. Neoprene products allow people to use sports equipment, medical equipment and more without fear of having an allergic reaction.

Whether you intend to use neoprene fabrics for creating clothing, upgrading sports equipment, or as a method of making safer medical equipment or automotive products, searching for neoprene fabric for sale is easy if you use a reputable company such as National Webbing.

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