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Managing Your Cummins KTA19 for Effective Performance

Author: Harry Bush
by Harry Bush
Posted: Feb 03, 2019

Cummins makes some of the most reliable industrial diesel generators, and one of its most trusted products to date is the KTA19 series. Cummins KTA19 is a 19-liter heavy-duty and durable diesel engine with six cylinders that ensure excellent fuel economy and efficient combustion. It comes with insulation features to ensure the even flow of coolant and enhanced temperature control. The generator comes with STC (step timing control), a technology that guarantees optimum timing for the engine regardless of the combinations of load and ambient temperature, resulting in less fuel consumption and a better cold start. Proper management is required to ensure the effective performance of your Cummins KTA19 diesel engines and generators. Here’s how to do it:

Conduct routine inspections – The engine, DC electrical system, fuel system, and the exhaust system must be closely monitored for leaks, which can cause safety and environmental hazards.

Oil change may be required – Oil changes must be scheduled for every 100 hours of operation. That way, you can be sure of effective and trouble-free performance in the long run.

Lubricate – Check the engine oil regularly with a dipstick as you shut down the generator. Let the oil from the upper areas of the engine to drain back to the crankcase, but be sure to follow Cummins’ recommendations for oil viscosity and API oil classification. Make sure the oil level is near the dipstick’s full mark by adding a similar brand and quality of oil. Remember to change the filter and oil at acclaimed time intervals, too. Check with the manufacturer for the proper procedure for draining and replacing the oil and filter respectively, as well as how to dispose them properly.

Check the cooling system – Determine the level of coolant when shutting down your Cummins KTA19 at specific intervals. Once the engine has cooled, remove the cap of the radiator. If needed, add the coolant until it reaches a level of three-fourth inches. KTA19 is a heavy-duty diesel engine, so its coolant needs to be a balanced mixture of coolant additives, antifreeze, and water. Make sure that the radiator’s exterior if free of obstructions, and carefully clean off any foreign material or dirt with a cloth or soft brush to avoid damage to the fins.

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