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A Step By Step Guide to Cleaning an Indianapolis Concrete Driveway

Author: Jeson Clarke
by Jeson Clarke
Posted: Feb 25, 2014

If you have a path right in front of your house for your car, and it is dirty, you need to clean it quickly. Sometimes oil and grease can drip from your car due to a leak. Before the surface starts soaking up the dirt, you need to start the cleaning process. Take something dry, like old newspapers or dry rags and apply them the area that is dirty. These materials are helpful as blotting agents as some of the dirt will be taken up by the newspapers and rags.

The scrubbing activities

You now have to start scrubbing out the dirt from your concrete driveway. You should use soap water and dish washing liquid available in Indianapolis to do the scrubbing job. Scrubbing with a nylon brush and hot water helps. Use the water to prevent oil stains around the dirty area. After this, the soap needs to be removed. Use dry towels to blot the soap water. Pour hot water on the dirty area to flush off the cleaning medium. If these activities do not give satisfactory results, repeat the scrubbing and blotting process until the results are acceptable.

Sweeping and adopting preventive mechanisms

It is now time to absorb or blot off the remaining oil. For this, cat litter can be very effective. On the area that is dirty, the cat litter should be sprinkled to absorb the oil that is remaining. A broom can then be used to brush push the cat litter into the dirty areas. Keep the litter intact all night. Any remaining oil will be soaked up by the litter as you are letting it settle down You can either dispose the litter into the nearest drain or just pick them up on a dustpan to throw them onto a bin.

The next day, repeat the whole scrubbing and sweeping as many times as required. Depending on the amount of dirt and grease that had accumulated, you have to do the cleaning task as many as it takes so that your Indianapolis concrete driveway looks clean. Cleaning to an optimal level ensures that the path for your car to travel on up to the road looks new. A very effective preventive mechanism exists to minimize future chances of dirt and grease accumulation in front of your Indianapolis home. Take a piece of cardboard or plywood and lay it on the path. Park your car on this, so that any further grease or oil accumulates on the cardboard or plywood piece.

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