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Columbus Sports Mouth Guard – For a Problem Free Smile

Author: Alester Brown
by Alester Brown
Posted: Feb 02, 2014

Columbus sports mouth guard is a piece of an athletic gear that can be fitted easily to your teeth. When a sports person wears them one can be more comfortable and can help to protect his smile as well as his jaw, face, tongue and lips. New research has shown that the guards can decrease the severity of concussion. While rugby players, boxing and hockey players are benefitted by the use of this protection. Others like weightlifters, gymnasts and bicyclists can also make use of this. This sounds excessive, but most of the studies have proved that about 40% of dental injuries are all related to sports activities. Face is considered to be very important for any person image, success as well as self-confidence. It is better to wear them rather than being toothless. This is recommended for children as well as adults for all recreational purposes that can pose injuries to your mouth.

What types are available?

One can get different types like readymade, mouth formed and customized ones. In readymade type is available in any sports good store. These are inexpensive and are available readily. These are not custom fitted and can look bulky and also it can be uncomfortable to your mouth. These are secured by closed jaw. When an athlete wears them he or she can feel difficulty in breathing and speaking. Second type is called as mouth-formed. If one is looking for customized fit one can consider this option. These are comfortable and can secure over your teeth. This can have unpleasant taste and odor. It can harden over a period of time and can lose its flexibility. Sometimes it can take the shape of your bite. Since they maintain the flexibility it can be bulky. Another type is known as customized made. This is considered to be the best solution. These are very comfortable, protective and practical.

Who makes this protective guard?

A lab technician or a dentist can create a customized one once they take an impression of your natural teeth. Before one purchases Columbus sports mouth guards, it is suggested to talk to the dentists first. Mouth protector is recommended for those people with removable dentures, braces and protruding jaw. It is always advised to wear them during games and other sports practice. Always remember never to chew on them as it can weakens the material and can decrease its effectiveness. Sometimes the damages and holes can irritate your soft tissues and gums. If one notices any such damages or holes, one should replace them immediately. After and before each use, one should always rinse them in cold water and one should clean them using tooth brush.

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