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Defining Alcohol Abuse

Author: Allen Turner
by Allen Turner
Posted: Mar 13, 2014

For many people, dependency is an endless circle of abuse and suffering. Despite the fact that breaking the cycle seems easy, it is one of the trickiest things an individual can beat. In fact, beating addiction can feel harder than facing your biggest fears. Alcohol abuse is a unique experience in that it affects both your body and the mind at the same time, making the process of recovery an extremely tricky thing to do alone. Alcohol dependency, usually referred to as alcoholism, is among the toughest substances to quit abusing. Because alcohol is a substance that people drink in a social setting, with their friends and family, most people consider alcohol to be a harmless substance. Since it is perfectly legal, and controlled by state and federal agencies, it should be safe, right? However, alcoholism can lead to precarious situations, arrest, incarceration, and various other criminal and social consequences, furthermore, there are extreme physical and psychological consequences that alcoholism might cause. While in the grips of alcoholism, it can be extremely tough to find a way out - not drinking is painful, but drinking alcohol can cause even more problems. Alcohol Rehab Ontario, CA has the knowledge and experience to assist you to break free of alcoholism.

Some people probably believe that alcohol abuse is not an issue, but this isn’t always true. Even sporadic alcohol use may result in unreliable decision-making, and put you in risky situations. Alcoholism starts with sporadic use, but when people discover that the same amount of alcohol does not make them feel the same, they are likely to drink a lot more. This is called physical dependence, and it affects your capacity to reasonably control alcohol use. What begins with physical dependence frequently ends with much more serious issues, like the development of psychological complications, usually depression, and a variety of different illnesses. Common effects of alcoholism are....

  • Cirrhosis of the liver
  • Pancreatitis
  • Epilepsy
  • Alcoholic dementia
  • Heart disease
  • Nutritional deficiencies
  • Alcoholic liver disease
  • Damage to nervous system
  • Many kinds of cancer

Treatment Center Ontario, CA places great importance on educating their clients about the many different medical complications associated with alcoholism, and monitors their clients to ensure that they're getting the medical care they need.

You may ask, "What makes alcoholism so difficult to recover from?" There are always problems when it comes to alcohol addiction, but alcoholism is an uncommonly difficult addiction to recover from. Since it is not actually illegal, alcohol is easily available and, if you are over 21-years-old, it's possible that you could be confronted with the chance to drink at every restaurant and grocery store you go into. People also put pressure on their friends to drink alcohol, particularly in social situations, like parties. Some people also develop a physical dependency on alcohol, that means their body chemistry is so entwined with alcohol consumption, that NOT drinking alcohol may cause serious harm. People sometimes try to quit drinking "cold turkey", or all of sudden, which generally results in seizure, heart complications, and organ failure. Detox, or detoxification, is a regulated process conducted by Alcohol Rehab Ontario, CA that helps people quit drinking alcohol safely, sometimes by prescribing specific medications. Treatment Center Ontario, CA knows how tough it may be to quit abusing alcohol, and there is no reason why you would try to do it by yourself. Not only can Alcohol Rehab Ontario, CA make the process safe, but we can also offer the most efficient care at high-quality rehabilitation facilities.

Alcohol Rehab Ontario, CA provides rehabilitation programs at certified facilities to assist people in recovering from alcoholism. Rehabilitation, or rehab, is usually very misunderstood by the general public. Most people imagine it is like movies or television, and that patients simply sit around all day listening to lectures. In real life, recovery is an extremely complicated, but very productive process, that aims to uncover the deep-rooted reasons for drug and alcohol dependency, so the real problems can also be resolved. Alcohol addiction is, in general, an extremely advanced problem, however, it commonly involves a combination of social problems, psychological stability, family history, and the biology and genetics of the person affected. At Alcohol Rehab Ontario, CA, specialists, like therapists and addictionologists, know how these diverse problems influence clients, and have the education and experience to help. Treatment Center Ontario, CA utilizes a highly individualized strategy of recovery, which customizes the program to each person’s specific needs. Cookie-cutter rehabilitation facilities, where everybody receives the same treatment, regardless of their age or background, are less effective in treating alcoholism. Treatment Center Ontario, CA’s confirmed and scientifically verified tactics can help you understand alcohol addiction, and design a treatment plan that cannot just get you sober, but can give you the skills to remain sober after of treatment.

Alcohol Rehab Ontario, CA's patients will get world-class treatment in facilities which are professionally approved and certified by national institutions. In our inpatient rehabilitation facilities, all of Alcohol Rehab Ontario, CA's patients can enjoy luxuries of home while receiving help. Treatment Center Ontario, CA believes that recovery must also include traditional treatment programs, like individual therapy, as well as cutting edge rehabilitation options, like equine therapy, therapeutic massage therapy, exercise, healthy eating, and social and behavioral therapies. At Alcohol Rehab Ontario, CA, our patients discover ways to get sober, and the way to use their talents in reality to heal friendships, make the right decisions, and develop into emotionally strong, happy members of society. Don’t hesitate to call (909) 245-0993 if you or a loved one needs help with alcohol addiction. The empathetic, skilled specialists at Alcohol Rehab Ontario, CA are ready to speak with you.

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