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5 Benefits of Cummins Natural Gas Generator

Author: Victor Seropian
by Victor Seropian
Posted: Mar 30, 2017

Power outages are disruptions that can cause costly delays and loss of productivity in the workplace. To prevent these setbacks, you will need to invest in a high-quality generator that is suitable for your daily applications. Natural gas generators are among the best back-up power systems, with some of the best products coming from Cummins. It’s hard to go wrong with choosing a Cummins natural gas generator as a back-up power solution for your business. These generators are robust and reliable; they are also designed to support efforts in curbing the effects of global warming. Here are five benefits of using Cummins natural gas generators:

  • Clean fuel – Natural gas is a clean burning fossil fuel that has lower carbon emissions. The fuel does not produce any pungent odors, too, and the generator will not produce ash or soot unlike oil or coal-powered units. Hence, it is safe to be housed indoors and you can reduce your employees’ risk of developing diseases associated with high exposure to airborne contaminants.
  • Cost-effective – A Cummins natural gas generator will be cost-effective to use in the long run. The initial investment for a natural gas generator may be higher compared to that of a diesel generator, but the operation cost will be lower in a span of five to 10 years. This can be an important factor when choosing between natural gas and diesel generators, especially when you consider the fluctuations in diesel prices. Hence, with a natural gas generator, you could achieve a significantly lower kWh (kilowatt-hour) cost. Some generators come with waste heat recovery, which recycles generated heat and makes it useful for temperature conversion and industrial processes.
  • Safe – Natural gas itself is non-toxic and will not harm animals, humans, water, and soil. Suppliers add odor to the gas, so you can easily smell it and take immediate action in case there is a leak.
  • Reliable – You will find a Cummins natural gas generator to be dependable as a back-up fuel source. It is ready to be used as long as you have enough supply of natural gas through a pipeline.
  • Available as second-hand units – If there are budget constraints, consider buying a used Cummins natural gas generator from reputable providers.
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This article is written by Victor Seropian, associated as President at Power Generation Enterprises. Power Generation Enterprises is the leading supplier of power generation systems worldwide.

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