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What to watch out for when you use a payroll software in Singapore

Author: Tommy Koh
by Tommy Koh
Posted: Apr 01, 2017

What to watch out for when you use a payroll software in Singapore

Singapore is one of the most high tech countries in the world. The Government of Singapore is the proponent of a smart nation and with it, the use of information technology to run most of the government works. The use of the internet has been around for almost 2 decades in Singapore and there has been the need to move on with times when you want to work fast and make money in Singapore when you do business.

Accounting and payroll software are very popular in Singapore because of the comfort you get form getting things done in a fast manner with little to worry especially when there are updates from the government that requires you to make changes. The software will be able to update the items that needs to be update from the back end and you leave it to them to settle it for you to deliver high quality returns.

So what are some of the reasons for us to just use a software to process payroll?

1. Payroll software are cheap to use

Currently the business model for most payroll software do not involve upfront payment of a bulk some like in the past. Instead the business model now is to have the number of headcount multiplied by the amount they will charge at that price range.

This makes the payroll software so much more affordable for people who are engaged in coming up with something that most SMEs or start-ups will want to use and will be able to afford for the time being when they are trying to grow beyond their budget tight stages.

2. Payroll Software are easy to learn

Payroll software used to be very confusing because there are so many moving parts. With KP Payroll, there are hints along the way. There are also YouTube videos to better help you learn the system and how to operate them to the best of your usage patterns.

This is also great for people who do not have much time to pay for training or to go for training sessions.

It makes the whole process smooth and easy to run for anyone who wants to use

3. Payroll Software are up to date

Updates are pushed to the customers when they are not using it. When there are updates to tax amounts or contribution amounts, you do not have to worry because it is all worked back end.

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