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Classic clothing Must Haves - What should you never get rid of?

Author: Anna Preston
by Anna Preston
Posted: Apr 02, 2017

Within your wardrobe you will have favourite clothes, plus items you don’t wear. People reluctantly clear out many garments, but which items should you never get rid of? Everybody needs a well-balanced wardrobe and certain timeless garments. So here, we list the most useful items you shoud never get rid of.

20 Classic Items You Should Never Part With.

By wearing these classic garments, you will always feel smart regardless of the occasion. Classic clothing can be put together as a capsule wardrobe and should always be to hand, meanwhile unused clothes could be stored in self storage.

  1. Winter coat
  2. Trench coat
  3. Leather jacket
  4. Blazer
  5. Black heeled shoes
  6. Black flats
  7. Black knee high boots
  8. Black ankle boots
  9. Fabric scarf
  10. Jeans
  11. White t-shirt
  12. White button down blouse
  13. Crew neck sweater
  14. Turtle neck top
  15. Pencil skirt
  16. Midi skirt
  17. Tea dress
  18. Little black dress
  19. Tote bag
  20. Evening bag
How to use your capsule wardrobe

People’s opinions on jeans vary, as do trends. Opt for jeans that feel comfortable, suit your figure and are your preferred shade. Durable jeans are an investment piece that you should keep hold of.

A neutral colour trench coat is stylish for the spring and summer, but some people prefer black. The choice is yours to suit your taste and forthcoming occasions. A trench coat is nonetheless smart and easy to wear any time.

Pairing a white button down blouse with a crew neck sweater, plus different skirts gives versatility. Or wear a crew neck sweater over a t-shirt or blouse, with your jeans for winter warmth. A turtle neck top can be smart for work as well as feeling casual with jeans.

You always need black clothing, not just for funerals but for everyday wear. Notice how the little black dress had always been a classic versatile piece, and many other items on the list may also end up being black.

A fabric scarf adds colour to any outfit and there are so many beautiful options in gift shops.

By changing your footwear and bag plus wearing some jewellery, you could take classic outfits from the office to the evening.

What About Clothes You Don’t Wear?

If your skinny jeans or other clothes are a former size, why not consider cheap self storage until you’ve lost some weight?

Impulse buying but lacking occasions to wear these clothes also results in items you don’t wear, but feel you cannot get rid of. Can anything be paired with your newer classic clothing? If not cheap storage may free up wardrobe space. It may feel easier to collect something from your unit, rather than last minute dry cleaning a recently worn garment, or you could avoid the pressure of last minute shopping. Storage can also be perfect for expensive outfits, which you had only worn once to a function.

Once you’ve experienced the versatility and smartness of classic clothing, you’ll find you should never get rid of these garments. Otherwise self storage units can free up crucial wardrobe space, while knowing the dormant clothing you can’t part with, can be worn at a later date.

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