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Why should I not just take a selfie for a headshot photograph?

Author: Mary Doney
by Mary Doney
Posted: Apr 03, 2017

Headshots are required in various scenarios: at schools, hospitals, workplace and even when you want to apply for different government services. For instance, a writer, blogger or journalist might be required to present his or her headshot. Whatever the reason, you have many choices to get one: you can ask your friend to take your headshot using his or your phone; you could take a selfie, or ask the nearest headshot photographer to do the job. Most people actually want to see how you look like to establish a connection or before they can establish dealings with you.

Many people do not think that the quality of headshot matters. Well. You might understand that it does if you talked to a portrait photographer Miami or a portrait photographer in Miami. For instance, a poor quality headshot misrepresents who you are. Let's say it is a headshot for your website page or pages. If you are a doctor, business consultant or a photographer, you would, under normal circumstances, need a headshot that is official, clear, convincing and true to self.

You do not want a customer to see you at work and ask, are you the one I saw on the photo? That question can be too demeaning because, in a way, it might tell that the person has just lost confidence in you, or cannot match your representation with who you are. If you are applying for government or other private services such as insurance and loans, you might be denied services if you present a less clear and poor image. Unfortunately, many people do not care about the background, lighting, size and appearance of the headshot and therefore use their phone to take it. What's wrong with that?

Most of our phones cannot take high quality images needed in professional applications. As a headshot photographer Miami or a Portrait photographer in Miami will tell you, you will rarely get a phone that can match professional cameras in regard to photographing features.

Selfies are low-cost, yes, but the best place for them is Instagram or your Facebook page. First, asking a headshot photographer Miami or a Portrait photographer Miami to help is great because he or she already knows the right backdrops and lighting for your image. There is an extra bonus: since most of us don't know how to dress for a headshot, engaging an expert photographer can be so helpful. The little things that spoil headshots include crooked ties, out-of-place strands of hair and poor cloth color choices. There is another catch: selfies are designed for casual environments, yet what you might need is a professionally looking headshot depending on your career, occupation, industry, hobby and business undertaking.

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Mary Doney is a is a professional photographer and connected with an established photography studio in Miami.

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Author: Mary Doney

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