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Best Home Remedies for Ant Control Orange County

Author: Duncan Flawer
by Duncan Flawer
Posted: Feb 11, 2014

As long as one knows what to do ant control Orange County is an easy process. The best method to control ant is to start of by making use of natural ingredients to ward off the ants. For this very purpose one can use many of the herbs and spices in the kitchen. These home remedies can prove to be very effective for the most minor ant infestations. Besides them being very they are all free of costs. The most well know not control method known all around the world is garlic. Many insects avoid garlic may be because of the smell and the chemical composition of this spice. Each clove that is separated from cloves is to be sliced into medium sized pieces and well separated. The places where one has observed the ant traffic can be then exposed these slices of garlic. This method works best when garlic is replaced every three to four days.

What are the alternative ant control methods?

The black pepper and cinnamon sticks are the alternatives to garlic if one feels the smell of this spice to be very strong. One can spread the cinnamon sticks more by making them smaller. The black pepper on the other hand can be grounded and spread on the pesky trespassers path. The smelling capacity of the ant can also be distracted by making use of ant. The places where the ants crawl through mint come in handy to be planted. TO discourage the entire population of the ant coming out from the anthill it is advisable to plant mint near the suspected anthills. Another method s of using mint involves copping it up and placing it at the places where ants were last seen.

How to carry out ant control measures?

These simple home remedies for controlling the ant population work wonders. The method of chopping mint works wonders for food sources such as sinks and pantries. The other reputed herbs know to ward off pests are the basil, chili peppers and eucalyptus. These plants have a strong smell and this is the idea behind using these plants for ant control Orange County. The tiny marauders get easily repelled by this strong smell. Without even the help of professionals these home remedies can be easily implied. However the help of a professional is really needed when the population of ants is huge. When it comes to finding out which method work well for this pesky intruders one needs to be patient.

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This article is written by Duncan Flawer. He has got into writing professionally and uploads regular informative articles. You can refer to the articles and the information put down by him and clear your doubts on Orange County bee removal.

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