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Ammunition And Reloading Supplies

Author: Jack Jill
by Jack Jill
Posted: Apr 05, 2017

Wether you are new to hunting or a seasoned hunter, you know the importance of opting for the most suitable firearm according to the game you wish to hunt as well as your skill and ability. Riffles, shotguns and handguns all come with the ammunition and reloading supplies that all hunters need.

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Even though buying ammunition and reloading supplies may seem quite simple, selecting the right ammunition for your hunting trip may become quite daunting due to the many different types of ammunition there is to choose from. was pretty straightforward decades ago. It seemed that there were fewer calibers to choose from.

Ammunition is seperated into categories using design, shape and weight.


Bullets can be a projectile made entirely of lead, made entirely of another metal such as copper, or a combination of metals such as a lead core or interior encased in another kind of metal.


Shape is linked to design

Weight as expressed in grains; the higher the number, the heavier the bullet.

Weight retention is key to efficient bullet performance, especially on big game, and ammunition makers have a number of ways to ensure optimal expansion without the bullet coming apart.

Another aspect of choosing ammunition has to do with a specially designed jacket tapers to a soft point that will "mushroom" on impact and allow the jacket to peel back. This increases both shock and the diameter of the wound channel.

Others manufacturers opt for bonding, bonding is another method of keeping bullets together on impact. It’s a process whereby the copper jacket is "bonded" to the core bullet material (usually lead) in order to prevent the core and jacket from separating. These Bonded bullets are an excellent choice for big-game hunters.

The solid bullet is one that has no jacket and core, but is one kind of metal throughout. Technically, musket balls and lead conicals are solids because they are lead all the way through, but these days some hunters in pursuit of big and dangerous game often opt for something more modern.

At Northwood Sporting there is truly no shortage of choices when it comes to the selection of modern bullets that rifle hunters have available.

At Northwood Sporting you will find everything you need from ammunition and reloading supplies.

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