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Understanding Bollards: Perth Security Solutions

Author: Tony Scott
by Tony Scott
Posted: Apr 07, 2017

When most people think about bollards, they usually focus on their use as a safety device. The humble bollard is very effective at relieving traffic problems and protecting pedestrians. However, bollards are also a good way to improve security at your home or business. There are two main different kinds of bollards available, but within those, there are a lot of designs and choices to choose from. Let’s take a closer look at security bollards and discover if they could be the right choice for you.

Security Bollard Basics:

It is not that unusual to find security bollards on an industrial site or at a retail park. These bollards provide a solid structure that can protect sensitive areas from deliberate ramming and accidental collisions. Most serious bollards are constructed from stainless steel, and they can be broadly categorised into two types, they are: non crash resistant bollards and crash resistant bollards. When you look at security bollards for sale, you will notice that the stronger models with additional features usually cost more. A bollard can be installed by fixing it to the surface, but for maximum strength, the bollard should be sunk into the ground.

Non Crash Resistant:

These kinds of bollards are used in areas to service a multi purpose function. This could be because the area to be protected needs to have traffic or pedestrian flow at various times of the day. It is usually the case that these bollards are in place during after hours periods. The flexibility of these devices makes them a popular choice, but they are still strong enough to provide a decent level of protection. The bollards can be locked in place when in use and then unlocked and removed when they are not needed. A bollard of this kind can be folded flat, sunk into the ground or removed entirely when it is not in use.

Crash Resistant:

These kinds of bollards are stronger models that are used to protect sensitive areas full time. Many military facilities use these bollards to prevent vehicular attacks, and they are also used by business owners that carry expensive inventory. A series of crash resistant bollards are extremely effective at preventing crimes were vehicles are driven into stores and used for a getaway. They are very tough, made from solid stainless steel and sunk into the ground. When they are installed together, they add their strength together to stop vehicle impacts that are greater than they could prevent alone.

If they are looking for security bollards for sale, Perth business owners and property managers should contact us. At Image Bollards, we have a vast selection of high quality security and safety equipment for sale. All of our product range is manufactured to be compliant with Australian standards. Get in touch with us today, and we would be happy to discuss your needs in greater detail.

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Supply and install high quality security bollards around Australia, we supply wide range of bollards including steel bollards, removable, along with rubber wheel stops.

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