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Know About Endovenous Laser Varicose Vein Surgery

Author: Armaan Malik
by Armaan Malik
Posted: Apr 07, 2017
varicose veins

Varicose veins are twisted and enlarged veins right beneath the surface of the skin, often found in the legs and ankles of the patient. They indicate poor circulation in the affected area and although they may seldom be serious, they can be painful, uncomfortable and unsightly. For many years, doctors employed surgical procedures to ligate the damaged veins and strip them but today, amongst the many options available to a patient suffering from Varicose veins, perhaps the one most often recommended is laser surgery.

How Does Endovenous Laser Surgery For Varicose Veins Work:

The procedure involves a catheter being inserted into the affected vein. Then, a laser fibre is passed through the catheter. The doctor closely monitors the movement of the fibre on an ultrasound screen. The laser creates enough heat to damage the affected vein and create scar tissue. Once the scar tissue has formed, the vein becomes defunct and eventually disappears. The blood flow remains unaffected as it uses the other functional veins in the area to continue circulation.

Is The Treatment Painful:

The patient is usually put under very mild sedation or local anaesthetics for the duration of the laser Varicose veins treatment, making the procedure painless. As compared to a vein stripping surgery, the discomfort is measurably lesser.

Are There Any Harmful Side Effects:

Routinely, a patient is warned of possible side effects that may include burning sensation during recovery, burn marks, clotting in the veins etc but the chances of these things happening are very low when compared to other courses of treatment like vein stripping surgery.

Is The Treatment Permanent:

Yes, this Treatment is permanent if it is successful. A doctor will have to determine how many sessions of treatment a patient may require but once the procedure is completed, it is a one-time affair. 94% of the patients who undergo laser treatment for Varicose veins do not need any secondary treatments. If the treatment fails, however, a patient can opt for other alternatives that a doctor may suggest.

What To Expect Post Procedure:

The recovery time for Varicose veins laser treatment is very short. The patient may begin walking immediately after the procedure and return to routine life. You may have to wear compression stockings for a week or so after procedure. A follow up visit will be required with the doctor to make sure that the affected veins have been closed by the treatment.

How Is It Better Than Vein Stripping:

Vein stripping is a procedure in which a doctor ties off a vein above the damaged part and then removes the defunct section of the vein, leaving the blood to circulate using the other existing blood vessels in the area. This procedure has a longer recovery period along with a higher risk of nerve damage and other side effects. It is also a relatively more uncomfortable and painful procedure in comparison to laser treatment and thus is now only recommended as a secondary option.

Thanks to the swift advances in the field of medicine, an ailment like Varicose veins is soon becoming as easily treatable as a common cold. With the laser surgery for Varicose veins, it has become increasingly convenient to get the treatment with a minimal amount of time lost in recovery. The treatment has a very high rate of success, making it the go-to option for most doctors. Contact Vein Center for Vein treatment procedures.

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