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Digital Menu Boards and Kiosks for Restaurants

Author: Armaan Malik
by Armaan Malik
Posted: Apr 07, 2017
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Digital menu boards and kiosks have changed the entire look of the way we look at restaurants. These have proved to be highly effective on customers and are able to up-sell and improve the entire dining experience of the customers. Kiosk machine enables in building their own food from the varieties of choices made available. These are incredibly convenient and are been appreciated by customers.

Apart from the convenience of customers, digital menu boards have increased the comfort of the owners as well. Updating the menus, change in prices, and promotion of new items that are high in the margin and improving the accuracy of the order. All these factors are encouraging owners to make use of digital menu for restaurants.

The data base helps the owners to keep minimal important details of the customer. They include their date of birth and anniversaries. Wishing a customer with a surprise on their birthday or an anniversary makes them happy and a loyal customer. Several set ups are made in a way that the customers can order for themselves without any intervention of the restaurant. The applications or the software used are easy to use and upgrade.

No more long lines at the restaurant or wait for the waiter to come and take an order. No mistakes in what one orders and one receives. The machine also integrates the restaurant with the CRM thus remembers the last order and accordingly offers options to the customer. A digital restaurant menu also consists of payment modes thus customers are able to make use of their debit cards, credit cards and at the same time get points on their purchase which can be redeemed later.

Use of digital boards and kiosks is also an effort in reducing labour costs. While the number of, people is increasing at the restaurants one does not have to think about increasing the manpower. The existing employees can be assigned in various other places that include driving through, assigning them to help customers with kiosk and thus perfecting the entire workings of a restaurant.

Few of the disadvantages one can look at in use of Digital Menus:

  1. Increasing the speed of ordering food does not increase the speed of the cook preparing the food. Thus, at times the orders are in number however when it comes to getting the food it takes a while
  2. This can be a bit expensive when restaurant think of keeping one on each table. And a team would be needed to keep updating the menu for promotions etc
  3. Since these work of batteries they have to be charge at one point during the day. This may create inconvenience to the owner as well as the customers.
  4. Employees who are faithful may not like the introduction of digital menu as it may take away a lot of responsibilities from them
  5. Everyone is not tech savvy. Thus, one may have issue using the same and thus resulting in delays.
  6. Not everyone may be comfortable using their information and cards due a lot of fraudulent activities reported

Digital menu boards are captivating, time-saving and are offering a great deal of customer satisfaction. With some many benefits, why should one not think of having one? Contact Bitsy Displays to know more!

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