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How to Make Plan of Promotional Gifts for Enterprise

Author: Jack Brown
by Jack Brown
Posted: Apr 08, 2017

Promotional gifts refer to the practical or decorative items of company names, logos or advertising words bearing the nature of advertising. Logo imprinted promotional products are different from other gifts, it is on behalf of the nature of advertising. Is an effective way to enhance brand awareness, as promotional products, it is often a popular people like to have their own money to buy their own characteristics.

The gift is a kind of emotional investment, can shorten the emotional distance between people, to facilitate people’s communication, communication, to reach a consensus, and create good business opportunities. At the same time, promotional gifts is also an advertising, a publicity, the right gift in the minds of customers to establish a long and deep impression.

Customize gift demand analysis is not an easy thing, requires a lot of analysis and experience, but also we need to stand in the customer’s perspective on transposition. Therefore, if you want to do well in the needs analysis phase, you must have cross-position, cross-industry experience, and a high degree of logical reasoning, summed up the ability, to sum up.

The method to make a plan of promotional gifts for an enterprise.


1.To understand the customer.

Customised gifts are the medium that can be used to convey giver’s information, first of all, to understand the customer’s information, including the basic situation (sometimes including the history of business development), cultural characteristics, brand information, product situation, market conditions. The so-called "know ourselves, victorious". Only to fully understand the customer, in order to understand the customer through the custom gift to pass the information, make a customer-style program.

2. Analysis the use of custom gifts.

The use of custom gifts is a key. Different uses of gifts to achieve the goal of different, with its custom features are also different. Generally, according to customer demand for different gifts, gifts can be divided into four categories: business gifts, conference gifts, welfare gifts and promotional gifts.

3.To understand the recipient’s information (consumer demand for gifts).

Whether the gift can play the desired role, see the recipient’s response. Whether the recipient can be satisfied, we must first understand the recipient’s information, including the recipient’s group attributes, consumer preferences and so on.

4.To understand the customer to use the gift of competitors.

Consider the market competition factors, but also need to understand the customer’s competitors who sent the gift. This can help customers in the promotion of competition to achieve more advantages. If time permits, it is best to be able to analyse in detail the customer has made custom gifts, customers of the past, the evaluation of various gifts, etc., so that when the program can avoid duplication of the program.

Five points for gift planning:

  1. Consistent gift with the company’s overall marketing activities consistent.
  2. Coherent business gift activities to maintain coherence, which requires planning a certain time span. Long-term gift planning than the short-term temporary program can play a better marketing effect.
  3. The effectiveness of planning to effectively communicate, fully understand the needs of customers, recommend the appropriate program.
  4. Novelty tracking the latest news, new gifts to the customer left a deep impression.
  5. Flexibility to avoid constraints so that the successful marketing activities.

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Jack Brown is a freelance author who writes on various topics related to promotional gifts, to find our more about them please visit this website here.

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