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Reasons for Tree Removal

Author: Lora Davis
by Lora Davis
Posted: Apr 08, 2017

Most people love to have trees in their yard for shade and decoration. Tree removal is not something they want to do but sometimes it is necessary. Not only can tree removal be expensive but it also can take away the shade and can mess up the landscaping of the yard. If you need to have a tree removed, you should call a professional tree service to do the work.

Reasons to remove trees

  • Severe weather such as an ice storm, straight line winds, or a tornado
  • Remodeling your home—most homeowners love the shade that a large tree provides but sometimes they can get in your way. For example, if the homeowner decides to add on to their home with an addition of an extra room, garage, or patio, and a tree is in the way then it will have to be removed or the homeowner has to change their improvement plans. When you hire a tree service to remove the tree, they will know exactly how to cut the tree so it does not fall on your home or the neighbors. They will also remove the stump
  • Getting rid of excessive leaves—for many homeowners the lawn and how well it looks is their pride and joy but if you have a tree or trees that shed an enormous amount of leaves you may find yourself wanting it cut down to get rid of the excessive amount of leaves. When you do tree removal, it will cut back on how often you will need to rake the leaves.
  • The tree is infected—older trees and seedling are susceptible to diseases and infections, which can rot the outsides or insides of the tree bark. The usual culprits are pests and fungi. Some of the common ailments that can cause tree disease are fungi that affect the hardwood of deciduous tree or Cankers that will appear on the bark of the tree and slowly makes its way in to tree’s insides. Premature death can also prematurely die because of bugs or woodpeckers. One type is the emerald ash borer that burrows holes in tree trunks.

Tree removal service is more than cutting down trees and getting rid of the debris. It could be that your trees might need a trim of their branches or be pruned. When a tree service prunes he trees it helps to keep trees from growing too close to the home. They may also trim any trees that spread into your neighbor’s yard or cover traffic signs. These are just some of the different reasons for tree removal. If you are not sure a tree should be removed call a professional tree service and have them check the tree for their opinion.

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