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Why Boat Hull Protector Is A Must For Long Serving Vessels?

Author: Brett Brendon
by Brett Brendon
Posted: Apr 08, 2017

For all boat and vessel owners, hull protectors available in various sizes are an investment worth every penny as it gives long term savings.

Owning a boat, yacht or any vessel is indeed a matter of pride but with something as valuable as this brings in great responsibility of maintenance. If the boat is maintained properly, it will continue to serve for longer period. As such, every component of the boat is important as it has a distinct function to perform. But the component which has to bear the most brunt is the hull.

Hull is nothing but the portion that remains in water while sailing. The line where hull meets the water surface is known as waterline. Boat hull protectors are agents which protect the hull against any sort of physical or chemical damage. These are used to protect and prevent damage to shore power cords, outriggers, paint and all surfaces when vessels are serviced, hauled, painted or transported. So, basically whenever the boat is not sailing in water, it needs to be protected. There are wide array of boat hull protector available in the market.

Desired Features Of Boat Hull Protector

The protector is nothing but a waterproof coating. These should be lightweight yet extremely hard and durable to provide long lasting protection. It should be compatible to various materials like aluminium, fiberglass and wood which are mainly used to make boats. These should set quickly as well so as to allow the boat to hit water in 2-3 days’ time. There are several advantages of using boat hull protection.

Improved Performance

Hull protector keeps boat clean and free of critters. A clean hull is safe, fast and efficient whereas a fouled bottom cuts pace, damages manoeuvrability and lowers fuel economy.

Sound Inhibited

This enables the rider to enjoy a calmer ride on all types of water conditions as there’s less of friction of the boat surface and water.

Abrasion Resistant

The boat hull surface is prone to various physical and chemical damages as it is sails through hidden water hazards or other times when not sailing as well. The seamless impact resistance surface thanks to the treatment with protector makes it resistant to abrasion and chemical damage.

Permanent Adhesion

Good quality hull protector do not chip or peel off if applied properly. Therefore, they provide prolonged protection. Therefore, this bottom protection will elongate the life and beauty of the boat.

Saves Unnecessary Expenditure

This hull protector will ensure the boat serves for long and requires less maintenance, thereby providing extra savings to the owner.

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This article is written by Brett Brendon. He has got into writing professionally and uploads regular informative articles. You can refer to the articles and the information put down by him and clear your doubts on boat shipping blog.

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He has got into writing professionally and uploads regular informative articles.

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