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Advertising done right: clever ideas to make your business stand out

Author: Flo Radiu
by Flo Radiu
Posted: Apr 09, 2017

Advertising is the soul of business, and if it’s done right, it may win you plenty of new clients. Clever ads might bring you clients you never dreamed about. We have plenty of examples of intricate, fun and intelligent ads. However how you present them is worth a lot. Finding the proper size and placement of them will help you get noticed. For instance, retractable banner stands are great to use in malls and other similar places because they are easy to transport and install which makes them a flexible solution for business fairs and conventions. However, let’s review a few smart advertising and display ideas.

1. Retractable banner stands and creative ads

If you manage to find a creative designer, you have all the chances to get some great products. You can find inspiration in the large brand’s campaigns. What we observed in terms of great advertising techniques is that they all follow some simple rules. They are creative, they are honest, they state their message loud and clear. All these make them memorable, and people are very likely to show positive feedback towards them. A retractable banner stand is perfect to present creative pieces like these because it comes with plenty of advantageous features. First of all, they are easy to use. Installed in a couple of seconds all by yourself. They are perfect in places where the advertising space is quite limited. Also, they are versatile and flexible. If you come with a new ad idea, simply replace the ad and keep the structure. They are easy to transport to and from the various locations where you might need them. Also once you roll them, your ad will be safe in the metal protection case.

2. Put your great advertising on table displays for smaller spaces

If you aim to make your products known in fairly small spaces, such as a library, or at an office’s reception, you might want to use table top displays. They are similar with the retractable banner stands, but considerably smaller in dimensions, which makes them perfect for limited spaces, such as presentation booths. However, in order to keep your strategy effective, make sure you transmit your message clear and honestly, imaginative and memorable.

3. Advertising done right by large brands

If you are a loyal reader of the New York Times, you might have noticed at a point the Game of Throne’s ad for announcing a new season. There was a dragon-like watermark on the page announcing it. And the readers loved it. That’s a great strategy to increase audience, and a good example of how advertising should be done properly. Also, Purina had quite a witty ad a while back. A dog was pictured as a trash bin. A beautiful lady is throwing away some food leftovers and the message is phrased creatively enough, "Stop treating your dog like a trash can". Those who see the message are very likely to think over the way they feed their companion, because of the impact the ad has.

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