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Simple steps in taking care of amber rings

Author: Flo Radiu
by Flo Radiu
Posted: Apr 09, 2017
All women like fine accessories and amber rings seem to be among the favorite choices. This is the kind of jewelery that mothers like to pass on to their daughters and so on. If you want this to be your case, you have to learn how to take care of it, otherwise it will soon lose its shine and it won't look as good as it does now. There are a few steps which any amber ring owner must know and follow, because this jewelery requires special care.

The first thing you need to remember is never to keep it in direct sunlight, because it will ruin the rock and the silver as well. This is actually a general rule when it comes to storing accessories. Heat can damage their appearance, which is why you need to keep them in a hidden place like a special jewelery box. In time you will notice that these accessories will change the way they look by getting darker, but if you want to delay this from happening, just follow this tips and hide it from powerful light. Also, stay away from the oven when you are wearing them as high temperatures can cause the amber ring to crack. Secondly, you have to pay attention to the surface of the rock, because it shouldn't be scratched or hit. However, this can happen quite easily, so when you are storing the amber rings, you should wrap them into a soft cloth, which will offer protection. Each piece of jewelery should be separately kept, because there is the risk of damaging one another. Additionally, something that women tend to do and can seriously damage the quality of the jewelery is performing all house chores like washing dishes or cleaning the carpet, with the amber rings on. These gems are created throughout an all natural process, which is why they are extremely sensitive to chemicals and cleaning products can have a terrible effect over the golden surface. Repeating this mistake over time, you will observe that the shine of the gem will be replaced by a white layer.

When you are getting ready to attend an event, remember that amber rings and necklaces are always added last, after you applied your favorite perfume or hair products. This is just another easy way of protecting the rock from chemicals. Furthermore, if you want to restore the shine, then you could simply use olive oil. Using a very soft cloth, dipped in olive oil or in lukewarm water, rub the amber gem a bit and try not leave an oily surface. After some time, you will notice the results and you will be thrilled about how your amber rings look. As you can see, taking care of amber jewelery is not at all complicated and all you have to do is just follow a few simple steps. The rarity of this rock is known to many and being able to pass such a jewelery to your daughter can turn into a beautiful tradition.

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