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Snoring or sleep apnea, consult the doc as early as possible to get reliefWell, if anyone says that

Author: Lungs Sleep
by Lungs Sleep
Posted: Apr 10, 2017

Well, if anyone says that he or she never snores, then it is a baseless statement. Each one of us snores occasionally. It is not at all a thing to worry about unless it becomes a problematic factor for you or your family.

Snoring disrupts the quality of sleep; there is no doubt about it. When it becomes uncontrollable, you develop daytime fatigue and other health issues. When others get disturbed by it, there are relationship issues as well.

Thanks to the modern medical science, you have a plethora of remedies to get rid of snoring problem. All you need to do is seek an appointment with snoring disorder specialist in pune. The specialist will do necessary investigations and suggest the best remedy.

What is the real problem, Snoring or sleep apnea?

Well, if it is only snoring, then it is not a big trouble. However, you should be concerned about it when it is sleep apnea which is a potentially life-threatening problem. It requires immediate medical intervention.

In sleep apnea, the breathing interrupts for a fraction of second, multiple times in the night. It is observed that normal snoring affects the quality of sleep up to some extent, but sleep apnea makes it worst.

Why do people snore?

Well, every person snores due to a different reason. Hence, you can’t generalize. Aging is considered a prime reason. As we grow old, the throat becomes narrow. Also, the muscle tone decreases. Therefore, airflow gets obstructed when you sleep.

It is possible to diagnose the problem easily when you visit an expert chest specialist in pune. Clinical investigation reveals the condition of the windpipe and other parts. Doctors can give advice based on the reports.

Sometimes, people put on excessive weight. The accumulation of fatty tissues and degraded muscle tone cause snoring. Even those who are not overweight but have unwanted fat around the throat region can suffer from snoring trouble. In such situation, losing weight would be an ideal solution.

Statistics says that men are more likely to snore than women because of their physical characteristics.

Sinus problem, other nasal issues, and respiratory problems are also responsible for snoring. If the snoring is due to blocked airways or stuffy nose, then it is good to see a pulmonologist in pune. By performing a few diagnostic tests, the expert will get to the fundamental reason.

Correct diagnosis and right treatment can keep it under control

It may not be possible to avoid snoring completely, but it is very much possible to keep it under control. Once doctors find out the cause, they can plan an action plan for it. Making a change in the lifestyle, taking medicines regularly and avoiding factors that aggravate snoring will be extremely helpful.

Change in the sleeping posture controls snoring up to a large extent. Sleeping flat on the back blocks the airway. Hence, sleep sideways to keep it under control.

Whether normal snoring or sleep apnea, meet the right doctor and get the right diagnosis done.


Sound sleep is the foundation of good health. Do not let it spoiled because of issues such as snoring or sleep apnea. These problems not only keep you and others awake whole night but also cause a deep-rooted impact on the overall health and efficiency. Today, it is possible to keep it under control by advanced medical treatment.

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