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A Few Keys to Success In Dropshipping

Author: Ben Shenkar
by Ben Shenkar
Posted: Jan 30, 2018
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Dropshipping is for sure a profitable investment of time and money. But when you go about dropshipping it might seem like an impossible task at first. And honestly, trying to finish it manually would be difficult. However, as Einstein has mentioned once, "Within every difficulty lies an opportunity." Since dropshipping can be challenging, there are great rewards for those who can figure out how to avoid getting in pitfalls.

This is possible that both suppliers and retailers commit to performing and maintaining effectual system-to-system integration that could automate and aids in the dropshipping process. Before you head over for your next chance to read out some of the basic keys about running a dropshipping empire.

1. Reliable Data

  • Quality Catalog Content
    • If you want to exploit a dropshipping model, it must begin with the quality content. This is typically offered by your provider. However, in the case of Amazon, if your provider can offer you the basic information about the product, you can definitely match to existing listings on Amazon without having to create them from scratch. That said, you always need as much content from your supplier as possible. It will surely be paid off in the end.
    Reliable Price and Availability Feeds
    • You can't sell something reliably if you don't know about the availability of product and costs. Work with suppliers who are used to providing this data in a regular format and in an automated fashion.
    2. Leverage Automation – If you're going to dropship at high levels of scale, you should have an internal system in place that could automate the repetitive tasks essential to dropship a full method.
  • Pricing/Repricing
    • Your pricing rules need to robotically update and re-evaluate your selling price and/or your floor and ceiling levels every time a new feed is organized by your supplier. This is the only way to insure that you are pricing rightly and protecting your margins.
    • Overselling is one of the major sins online, particularly on major marketplaces like Ebay and Amazon. Your account can be suspended for ever if your continue doing that. Your system typically needs to update your listings after getting an update from the supplier. It must also be able to deal with the indispensable Unit of Measure conversions that should occur between your supplier’s default Unit of Measure, and your listings.
    Tracking Confirmation
    • Because eBay and Amazon track how quickly do you ship your orders, it is critical that your supplier be able to provide you with the tracking information electronically as soon as possible. This doesn't need to be more complicated than a flat-file dropped on an FTP folder with the PO number and tracking number info although there are various other options as well.
    A consistent communication with your suppliers is primary key if you want to be on the top. While anyone can begin if you want it to be anything more than a casual business, retailers must exploit automation to take hold of any serious volume.
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