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How To Write a Promotion Plan?

Author: Jack Brown
by Jack Brown
Posted: Apr 11, 2017

Festival time is a business to carry out promotional campaigns to promote the corporate image of the prime time. Annual holiday, gift manufacturers are to develop gift promotions and busy, however, can really bring good results of the promotional program is not much, then, how to develop a gift promotion program? This is based on the specific circumstances of the market, the fact that the basis of the advertising gift promotion method has two advantages: First, it forces the marketing mix of each part can achieve specific marketing objectives; Second, it takes into account the different the different position of the advertising gift in the market and the difference between it and its competitors in advertising promotional activities.

1. The purpose of the campaign: the status of the market and the purpose of activities to elaborate. What is the market situation? What is the purpose of carrying out this activity? Is it dealing with inventory? Is to increase sales? Is against competitors? Is the new listing? Or to enhance brand awareness and reputation? Only purpose clear, in order to make the activities targeted.

2. Activity object: the activity is aimed at the target market for each individual or a specific group? What is the range of activity control? Who is the main goal of promotion? Who is the secondary goal of promotion? The correctness of these choices will directly affect the final effect of the promotion.

3. Activity theme: In this section, the main problem is to solve two:

1, to determine the theme of the event

2, packaging activities theme

4. Activities: This section focuses on the specific ways in which activities are carried out. There are two issues to consider:

1, to determine the partner: pull the government to do backing, or hang the media "sheep’s head" to sell their own "dog" Is the manufacturer acting alone, or with the dealer? Or with other manufacturers joint promotion? And government or media cooperation, help to take advantage and rally; and distributors or other manufacturers can be integrated resources, reduce costs and risks.

2, to determine the degree of stimulation: To make the success of the promotion, we must make the event is stimulating, can stimulate the target audience. The higher the degree of stimulation, the greater the response to sales. But this stimulus also has a marginal effect. It must be analysed and summarised according to the practice of promotion, combined with the objective market environment to determine the appropriate degree of stimulation and the corresponding cost of investment.

5. The activities of time and place: promotional activities of the time and place to choose a good job will be more effective, an improper choice will be thankless. In time as far as possible so that consumers have free to participate in the location also let consumers convenient, but also in advance with the urban management, business and other departments to communicate well. Not only the timing and location of the promotion campaign are very important, how long the effect will last have to be in-depth analysis. Duration is too short will lead to this time can not be repeated purchase, many of the benefits should not be achieved; duration is too long, it will cause the cost is too high and the market shape is not heated, and reduce the customer’s worth.

6. The ad with the way: a successful promotional activity, the need for a full range of advertising with. What kind of advertising ideas and expressions? Choose what kind of media speculation? This means that different audience arrival rates and cost inputs.

7. Pre-preparation: pre-prepared in three,

1, staff arrangements

2, material preparation

3, the test program

8. Medium-term operation: medium-term operation is mainly active discipline and field control.

9. The late continuation: the late continuation is mainly the issue of media publicity, the activities will be taken in what way in which media follow-up publicity?

10. Cost budget: there is no interest there is no meaning. The cost of inputs and outputs for promotional activities should be budgeted.

11. Accident prevention: each event is likely to be some accidents. Such as government intervention, consumer complaints, and even weather changes lead to outdoor promotional activities can not continue and so on. The necessary human, material and financial resources must be prepared for all possible contingencies.

12. The effect of the forecast: to predict the event will achieve what kind of effect, in order to facilitate the activities after the end of the actual situation compared to the degree of stimulation, promotional time, promotional media and other aspects of the success point and failure points.


To meet the consumer’s age, identity, occupation, the value of income needs;

Reflect the product characteristics and brand positioning;

Combined with product features and to bring the user’s meaning, to have a certain practical value, so that users can use the process of cheap promotional items to enhance the brand awareness, and then tap the potential purchase capacity;

Can be in the terminal to buy the site to attract the attention of the relevant customer base, so the product packaging and novelty are the objects of its consideration;

Pay attention to the focus of customer competition marketing intentions and sales of competitors in the field of promotional activities.

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