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Should You Switch to Hookah?

Author: Kevin Smith
by Kevin Smith
Posted: Apr 13, 2017

If you smoke traditional cigarettes, you might find the conventional way of lighting up to be a bit boring. To get more from your smoking experience, you might consider shopping for hookah pipes for sale in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. For a variety of reasons, hookah beats conventional cigarettes.

Do You Want to Smoke Less?

Hookah typically involves ingesting slightly less nicotine than a conventional cigarette. While that might not sound like much of an advantage, it can help you decrease your urge to smoke over time. Similarly, because hookah pipes are not as easy to transport as cigarettes, you might smoke less if you switch to hookah.

Do You Want to Save Money?

Switching to hookah can save smokers money. While a hookah pipe is an initial expense, it generally pays for itself in savings from not purchasing cigarettes. Because hookah heats tobacco instead of burning it, you will also likely use less than you would with a conventional cigarette. Over time, you will likely save a considerable amount by making the switch.’

Do You Want a Unique Smoking Experience?

Hookah pipes offer a smoking experience than conventional cigarettes generally cannot match. With a variety of colors, shapes, and styles, hookah smokers smoke from distinctive pipes. Even better, for those who don’t enjoy the feel of paper, hookah offers a more pleasant smoking adventure.

Do You Want a Better Taste?

Unlike conventional cigarettes that come in only a few flavors, hookah is available in a virtually endless variety of tastes. Whether you crave vanilla, cinnamon, or another flavor, hookah likely gives you a better taste than a cigarette. If you are shopping for hookah pipes for sale in Highlands Ranch, Colorado, you can purchase straight or blended flavors that will give you a tasty smoking experience.

Do You Want Cooler Smoke?

Many cigarette smokers find the burn that comes with a conventional cigarette to be unpleasant. That generally isn’t the case with a hookah pipe. Depending on the pipe’s construction, smoke usually passes through enough space that it is cool when it reaches your mouth and lungs. Instead of a burning sensation, then, hookah typically allows you to experience the flavor of the smoke.

Do You Want Purer Smoke?

While no smoke is completely free from toxic compounds, hookah smoke is typically much purer than that that comes from conventional cigarettes. As you probably know, cigarettes contain several agents that are known carcinogens. Hookah, by contrast, has significantly fewer of these compounds. Thus, you can expect a more natural smoking experience if you switch to hookah.

Do You Want Better Filtration?

Conventional cigarettes use fibers to filter smoke. While these filters do an average job, they aren’t nearly as good as hookah pipe filtration. Since hookah pipes pass smoke through water, they do a better job at removing impurities from smoke. For those looking to experience uncontaminated smoke, then, hookah pipes are significantly better.

For those looking to get more from their smoke, hookah pipes for sale in Highlands Ranch, Colorado, offer a unique smoking experience. If you want a different way to enjoy tobacco, you might consider giving hookah a try.

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