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5 Important Questions to be asked before Unlocking your iPhone

Author: Bappaditta Jana
by Bappaditta Jana
Posted: Apr 13, 2017
Unlocking an iPhone for a better accessibility is no more an uncommon phenomenon. However, before approaching an unlocking service, one should be aware of certain things. These things will not only make him or her more tech savvy but also will raise the knowledge base of that person to the next level.

Here are some of the fundamental questions one should be clear of before approaching an iPhone unlocking service.

What are the results/consequences of unlocking a phone?

A locked phone means it is locked to use with a particular carrier. When you are unlocking your device, it means, it will be usable with any carriers of your choice. In maximum cases, an unlocking happens with the help of a code, known as the unlock code. Actually, there is no consequence of unlocking a device. However, you have to make sure your unlocking partner is not using the procedure of jailbreaking, which might void the warranty in some cases.

What is a phone hard lock?

A hard lock is a permanent lock on an iPhone. If you attempt to unlock the phone with multiple wrong codes more than the permissible limits, your phone will eventually get hard locked. Each device has a different number of allowed attempts before it is permanently locked.

Does a repair during warranty period re-lock the phone?

It entirely depends on the amount of repair work that has been done on your phone. If the old board needs to be replaced, then there is a fair chance that it will have a new IMEI and you might need a new unlock code. In case, the original board is not replaced, the phone will remain unlocked and if not, you can use your old code for unlocking.

Phone displays "Unregistered SIM" – What should be done?

This message can be displayed for numerous reasons, so primarily you have to narrow down the reasons by using the process of elimination. Switch your device OFF and then make it ON again. If the problem persists, remove your SIM and try to use it to any other device – if it works fine, then you might have some issues with the SIM slot or may be your phone is locked.

What are NOT the results of an unlocking service?

A carrier unlock will never alter/add any features to the following things –

It will not add frequency bands for usage on IDEN and/or CDMA networks.

It will not remove any PIN and/or PUK associated with your Subscriber Identity Module (SIM)

It will not remove any passwords associated with your device and it is not a factory reset.

It will not void warranty.

There are also some other interesting facts to know about unlocking services, but these will definitely draw some clarity whenever you are approaching an unlocking service.

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