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The various features of premium hibiscus tea and the benefits

Author: Andrew Joseph
by Andrew Joseph
Posted: Apr 13, 2017

Premium hibiscus tea is exotic, intoxicating and delivers a plethora of health benefits and beautiful flavor. Prepared from the Nigerian hibiscus flower, the premium hibiscus tea is popular since the age old times for its potential to lower the blood pressure. It is much sought after remedy for hypertension. Hibiscus tea is the herbal tea which is prepared as the infusion from deep crimson and magento colored sepals of the sabdariffa flower. You may buy premium hibiscus tea and consume it both hot and cold. Having a cranberry like tart flavor, you can add sugar to sweeten up the tea. It is best to opt for honey and avoid sugar.

The vitamin rich premium hibiscus tea

The premium hibiscus tea is extremely rich in nutrients, minerals and Vitamin C. In fact, hibiscus is used since the age old times for medicine preparation. It also contains organic acids like malic acid, tartaric acid and citric acid which constitute almost 15-30%. In fact, there are also flavonoid glycosides and polysaccharides like delphinidin and cyanidin. The drink is referred to as roselle and carries a tangy flavor.

Why is hibiscus tea so popular?

The roselle tea is the popular kind of natural diuretic containing minerals and Vitamin C. It was also used in certain medicines in the traditional times. The hibiscus sabdariffa carries polyphenol compounds and shows anti-inflammatory properties. The herbal tea helps in reducing blood pressure if you are mildly hypertensive. Rosa sinensis has a number of uses and cosmetic applications. The extract of hibiscus rosa sinensis functions almost as the anti-solar agent to absorb the ultraviolet radiation. Even the consumption of premium hibiscus tea offers you these benefits.

The benefits of hibiscus tea

You should buy premium hibiscus tea for it offers an array of health benefits. The tea lowers blood pressure, helps you combat to prehypertension, mild hypertension, Type 2 Diabetes since it carries diuretic properties. The herbal tea also comprises enzyme inhibitor known as ‘phaseolamin’ which helps in reducing weight. By reducing the amylase content, the tea maintains a lean BMI or Body Mass Index. It also helps in reducing carbohydrate absorption in the body to bring about weight loss.

Thus, we can say that the caffeine free hibiscus tea is important to consider. Being rich in antioxidant, the tea relieves stomach ache as well. It can also help you to do away with anxiety, stress and cure insomnia. It is important to look for only genuine suppliers of hibiscus tea.

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