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Easy Car Care Tips

Author: Ashu Agarwa
by Ashu Agarwa
Posted: Apr 14, 2017

One of man's priced possession is his car. Owning a car is not only a means to go from point A to point B, it is more than that. Cars are increasingly becoming a symbol of one’s status. With plenty of models, makes and brands available anyone can own one as per their requirements and status. When you own a car you take care of it from rushing home early so as to find the best parking for your car to covering the floormats and seats with plastic. We all do that, however, is that enough?

Here are some tips to keep the car super awesome

  1. Read the car manual carefully. There is plenty of information about the car and which can help you avoid a trip to the mechanic when the trouble arises. The manual will help you understand the problem and help you do it yourself.

  2. Regular checks of oil and the filter. Fresh oil changes keep the engine strong and going.

  3. The coolant should have a 50+50 mix of coolant and distilled water. The flush cooling system and the coolant should be changed once a year.

  4. All moving parts need grease for survival. Thus, keep a check on the lubrication and get greased as and when required.

  5. Brake fluid is cheap and does not attract moisture. Moisture causes the components to erode and fail. Thus the brake fluid must be checked on regular intervals.

  6. For exterior cleaning always look for products that are specifically designed for automobiles.

  7. Do not starch the bird droppings on the car. Trying to remove the dropping may scratch your car. Rather wash it off as soon as possible and give that area a special coat of wax

  8. Vacuum clean the car from inside regularly. This can be done by yourself as long as it consists of some basic cleaning.

  9. Keep a record of the maintenance and the service history of the mechanic. This helps in keeping the track of the recommended intervals

  10. Body corrosion treatment can be done too. When iron comes in contact with moisture and oxygen for a long period of time the iron rusts. Thus, a corrosion treatment creates a protective layer. This is recommended in coastal areas where the air is humid and cause the under car body to rust faster

Here’s what you check before deciding on a car service centre

  1. Are the technicians are trained, certified and verified. And is he trained on the specific car model.
  2. Do they have genuine spare parts when required? Often people quoting low prices buy parts that are not original. Factory approved equipment makes a huge difference
  3. Are they reliable?
  4. Is the pricing is reasonable enough for a long run? Does it include the labour charges as well?
  5. If they provide an emergency assistance 24x7
Few simple checks improve the performance of the car and saves a lot of time and money. It is always recommended to check with an expert if you are unable to find the right solution and is not confident about it. A car service centre with well-equipped mechanics and genuine spare parts is the key to your problem.

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Author: Ashu Agarwa

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